Interview after Week 2 defeat with Coach Shadow Webster

Reporter: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and give Icelandic Sports Illustrated (ISI) this exclusive interview.

Coach Shadow: No problem

Reporter: So week 2 in MML Pro what went wrong? Will this change your Coaching style? Will you still remain in a player/coach position?

Coach Shadow: First off, if it had went well I would’ve been considered a brilliant coach. Did I have a plan prior going into that match? No. It is not any slight against Coach Serious coaching ability on why I didn’t formulate a pre-game strategy. After week ones performance I realized we are just not prepared enough season 5. What I mean is we had a good season 4 but because of ongoing injuries, which I recognize is part of this great game called Blood Bowl. Furthermore I understand coaching this particular race incurs some inherent risks.  However we as a team had insufficient monetary resources to acquire a new star player from our minor league pool of talent. So without the resources I knew season 5 would be a rough season, but I am not worried enough too significantly to change my coaching style, modify somewhat yes. Also if I changed my style significantly I wouldn’t be me  and I WON’T CHANGE JUST BECAUSE OTHERS FEEL I need to follow their lead.  As for remaining in a player/coach position I will retire at the end of the season.

Reporter: Aren’t you worried about being killed? Especially with the player coach rule that coach Serious had drafted into the MML league.

Coach Shadow: Not at all. I cannot be killed. I am eternal as our team motto states.

Reporter: Are you saying your team are the first Immortals to ever play in Blood Bowl?

Coach Shadow: No, for myself and certain select players within our team death is not an issue. Certain individuals I work for have put the necessary mystical safe guards in place.  So that is why by definition I or my team can never be killed because our presence will never end, we will be in existence in one form or another. Hence coach Serious new rule does not apply to us.

Reporter: Are you saying you are undead? And who are your employers?

Coach Shadow: No. We are neither undead nor immortal we are just eternal and have no beginning or end. No comment on your second question.

Reporter: Let go back to an earlier response Coach. You said your team was not prepared after season 4 does that mean you didn’t prepare properly prior to enter season 4?

Coach Shadow: Yes, as a new coach to the MML I did not prepare properly. When I say properly I mean our development plans for ALL players, especially our positional ones were not clearly defined as needed and those that were defined were poorly planned. Also the star players that we did have weren’t surrounded by equally skilled players that could assist properly. We are doing a total overhaul of development program FOR ALL positions and established three training camps in the farm division of the MML. We want only the best and if it takes a couple of seasons to get there we are ok with that. Lastly our signature “Norse T (Either version)”, which many has said it is not useful or can only last temporarily I have five words for you, positional excellence equals situational excellence.

Reporter: What does that mean? And couldn’t that be said for any position of a player and formation of any team?

Coach Shadow: It means I recognize that formation is more risky to the ball carrier and puts other players in the formation at risk. This is the reason why our players in the “Norse T” MUST HAVE A HIGHER STANDARD SKILLS SET than other teams and must to able to fill in gaps when needed. This is why as a coach despite my success in S4 I did fail in my job and now we will continue to pay the price for it in S5. Does that mean we will have fear in our hearts for the remainder of S5. Absolutely not!!! WE ARE ETERNAL AS I said before. I have time for one last question.

Reporter: Ok last question you are real busy coach but you are not coaching in both the CL and Pro this season why?

Coach Shadow: Well, I wanted to be able focus on league at a time and I was more successful in the pro league. Also I LOVE THE MML AND THAT WILL come first, but also wanted to develop some unique tournament formats in my own private league. I COMMEND commissioners Preach for excellent job he has done growing the MML into what it is today. So I have been extremely busy attending to those administrative tasks. Gotta go now. (Coach Shadows walks off into the Shadows literally disappearing before the reporters eyes. Reporters stares in total astonishment)




  1. Much respect to Coach Shadow and the Champions of Valhalla. They took a beating, but never complained, and kept a positive attitude. I went through this with TMNL, too, as a relatively new Blood Bowl coach jumping right to the Pros. Team wasn’t built the best way, jad a lot of bloat, and paid for it sometimes dearly.Our greatest defeats can also be our greatest inspirations. I wish you a bright future, and hope that you keep being you, but constantly improving

  2. Loved the article and live the way you have your own way of doing things. The big personalities really bring something extra to this league. Keep doing your thing shadow.

  3. Great stuff shadow, results sway opinions! You find your proper team and come back better for it!

  4. Long live the Norse T! And never let anyone tell you to change who you are. Learn and grow maybe, but never change.

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