Interview with Coach Sestonn after losing March Madness

Coach Sestonn arrives with a smile and seems all laughs as the first question arrives.

Q: Coach Sestonn, things really didn’t go your way this afternoon.  Do you have any comments?

A:  I was frustrated at first, for sure.  But then I settled in, joined the Jester in his box, and just let Eternal Goodnight do their thing.  It was fun to watch.  They followed the same basic strategy I started them with.  Stab here.  Smash Griff there.  You know, all the very same stuff that wasn’t working in the first place.

Q:  What does this loss mean for Eternal Goodnight?

A: They will head to the farm where hopefully they can find a few good matches, just for the fun of it.

Q:  So you have no intention of bringing Eternal Goodnight to the pros for Season 4?

A:  Oh no.  That honor goes to Dignity, the High Elf team I have been working on.  Unfortunately, Dignity has become a little too developed, but I am still confident that with a cut here or there Dignity will be able to slip under the Farm-to-Pro rating.

Q: Let’s not change the subject, Coach.  What do you have to say about the Misbegot Canting Crew’s Star Peasant player, Sid….

A: And since Dignity will have to make a few cuts, I want all of the High Elf Teams to know that a few of Dignity’s Star Players will be on the table for Transfer week.

Q:  Coach Sestonn, please….

A:  Possibly even Simenion “Physique”  IF the price is right.

Q:  Don’t you think peasant player Sid….

Coach Sestonn walks out as the crowd’s chant becomes a deafening roar.  DIG-NI-TY!  DIG-NI-TY!  DIG-NI-TY!  ((11 Fan factor, as of the writing of this article.))