Into the Unknown

Coach StuffnJunk read the letter for the 10th time:

To the Head Coach of the Repulsive Ratlings:

You have apparently forgotten how the world works. You owe us money. We will collect.

Neither your family nor your team is under our protection any longer. It would be a shame if something happened to them inside the stadium they call home wouldn’t it? Raiders have been known to hit Blood Bowl stadiums in search of a few gold coins. I’ve even heard of them attacking caravans travelling to away games, leaving none alive. And of course Goblins “service” all aspects of a stadium to include food and water systems and can slip by unnoticed by most. Wouldn’t it be a travesty if all the fans at your next game were to fall ill or dead due to neglected water or bad McMurty patties? Do you think they would blame you, Coach?

Of course that’s all strictly hypothetical. Not much use wondering what could be is there? Especially when another option exists: come back into our good graces. Embrace Goblin Gambling, publicly denounce this Witch Hunt you have started, and all of those problems become OUR problems. One full season is all we ask and your debt is paid: the Company is willing to part ways amicably. We wont even charge you for Seek and Destroy. They weren’t worth much to begin with and can be written off as a “training accident”. You wont face any more pitch-clearing, ‘roided up Norsemen or Skinks in full plate armor. You might even find that games become a bit “easier”.

All you have to do is accept our sponsorship. We hope you take this olive branch. The alternative is much worse.



“Slinij, how are Seek and Destroy healing?” Coach Stuff asked.

“They heal-mend quick-fast. Should be battle-game ready in a few weeks.”

“Show Seek that letter. I hope he can read. Make sure he understands that Goblin Gambling thinks they are expendable. What about the tunnel into Orcatraz?”

“Orcs sneaky-smart. Hard-strong rocks block under-bottom of prison-cage. Will take much much time-days.”

“Break into three teams. One will work Orcatraz while the other two prepare to branch the tunnel. I’m sure they will let our ‘guest’ out to announce or at least watch the finals. That may be the best time to make our move.”

“Will do StuffnJunk.”

“Oh, and be sure to have the team take down all the remaining Goblin Gambling sponsorship signs. Then all of you go enjoy a day off. You have earned it, but I believe the worst is yet to come.”


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