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Hello again! The 2nd edition of the ‘Introducing …’ series will be taking a look at the Crookback Roughnecks, a new Skaven outfit coached by Robowhale. As a long term Skaven Alum, I’ve been particularly excited to get stuck into these guys – but first, let’s find out a little more about the coach!


How long have you been a part of the MML community?

About 8 months. Joined together with Beerz and Jiggs in the west just before season 6. Sat out season 8. Can’t wait for S9 to begin!

Tell us a bit about your new team (backstory etc., any flavour)

The Roughnecks is a new BB team created by Clan Rictus of Crookback Mountain on the foundation of an elite storm vermin banner squad, primarily to showcase the brutality of their best warriors and sow fear in the hearts of their enemies. Indeed, the team is run by the unusually bloodthirsty Storm Vermin Krike Beastmaster who is both general manager (to the extent that notion makes sense on a skaven team), player-coach, the biggest star and punisher-in-chief. He is also featured in Bloodweiser’s Tome of World Records for completing most yo-yo tricks in 60 seconds and has sired more than 2000 vermin himself. Having recently acquired coach Robowhale in a slave trade, the clan elders have installed him as a tactical advisor to Beastmaster after they’ve learned that actually winning games can bring more exposure and renown, not to mention bragging rights over the other clans. Beastmaster is yet to share his “views” on this arrangement…..

What are your goals for the season ahead?

Deliver a solid first campaign for the fans and set the team up for a deep playoff push in s10. We have a talented pack with some ruthless young critters, so that part is looking good. Unfortunately, turmoil in the front office meant that some hasty financial decisions were made in order to qualify for league play – the unfortunate implications of that being our facilities are very basic and our opportunities to get in extra training very limited.

Have you competed in the MML before, if so, how did it go?

Yup, S6 and S7. Joined the MML a few days before S6 kicked off when I saw a match broadcast by Jest and simply wanted to dip my toes and see what it was about. Preach offered me a CL spot on short notice so I joined an undeveloped chaos team (Hades’ Angels). Played some good competitive matches throughout and racked up a few wins. Moved to the east the season after and my impression is that the CL got even tougher then. Had a tough run and got kicked about a couple of times. Hadn’t played a lot of BB before joining the MML so I’ve learned a lot and enjoy playing against and learning from the skilled coaches we have here!

Who has been your toughest opponent to date?

Git’s Skaven in S7 (Editor’s note: I didn’t make this up!)

Which game are you most looking forward to?

The rat-off vs Preach’s Scavengers should be exciting! Warm and Fuzzies look like a young team (much like the Angels when I started out back then) and should be a good matchup for us. I have played vs a number of dungeonmastr007’s teams in various competitions and they have all been intense and hard fought battles. Should be good to match wits with him and his Fateweavers again.

And which are you nervous about?

ATX Longhorns looks like a tough match-up for us with their block, dodge and tackle. White Walkers with their speed and mobile strength could very well be our strongest opponent … Gimlik is a talented coach and he has extensive experience playing Skaven as well. Bluefur gives me nightmares!

Which team would you like to emulate?

If you are tracing the steps of somebody else it is not your own journey! Also, I am still an improving coach who is learning to play Skaven so I have yet to develop the affinity to choose wisely between various established styles of the great Skaven teams …

Who is your pick for the CL?

In the CL I like the White Walkers II, with Gerdleah’s Flamers as runners up. Gimlik is a great coach and the team looks poised for a run. Gerdleah is one of the best coaches I have played against and Skaven will be a weapon in his hands. Dark horse: Taurawna Titans – that team looks amazing getting off the bus. Shall be interesting to follow how it translates on the gridiron …

And the Pros?

Stop Rolling Ones!!!. Really solid coach and very developed team. Has been there or thereabouts for several seasons now and obviously lost in the final last season. Rez has proven he can get the silverware before having won the champion ladder and possibly the CL (if I remember correctly) … (Editor’s note – Correct :)) Dark horses, I’ll also go with Hellhammers/Dead Metal. There are some really scary teams coming up from the CL this season and there’s been a lot of change up there. I can see a fresh pro team go deep this time …

And now the team themselves … The Crookback Roughnecks!

Where to start! I really, really like this team, and think they will be equipped to do well this season. As with most Skaven teams, there are 6 crucial players: The Storm Vermin & the Guter Runners, and the ones we have here are pretty spectacular.

Starting with the Gutter Runners, there’s a good deal of flexibility – We have a natural one turner, which I’m slightly opposed to usually, but it’s an unarguable fact that they are potential match winners, and something which forces the opposition to at least consider them on the pitch. There’s also the specialised ball retriever, with both big hand and sure hands – anything that the two strippers manage to dislodge will be gobbled up by this guy, and if he can get the ball straight over to the dedicated scorer … really nice synergy.

We then come to the Storm Vermin, and boy, Krike Beastmaster really is something. 48spp, so only 3 away from tackle or piling on (Or a statup!) – and the immense fortune of having both claw and an ST – up! This player will be doing all of the heavy lifting, and it’ll be vital that Robowhale doesn’t leave him exposed. His accomplice has the standard mighty blow – more than enough to do some damage of his own!

The rest of the team is made up of largely unskilled linerats – just as Nuffle intended! One having kick is always good, good kick placement can win a game out right with certain KO events!

I’ll be following their progress, and think this team could mount a real assault on the playoffs this season …

Good luck Robo!


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