Iron, Blood, Sweat, Chaos, and Beards: Part III

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“Miss the next game because I got POKED IN THE EYE?” Marduk Dreamslayer roared at the hobgoblin barber-apothecary inspecting his face, the force of his voice driving the sniveling creature backwards.  “Do you take me for an elf?  This scratch will not keep me from the gridiron!”

“This is a time for restraint, Marduk,” rumbled the Daemonsmith.  “You have done admirably, securing a playoff spot and conference championship on a wave of your opponent’s blood.  Stoke your fires for a game, and prepare to burn hot in playoffs.”

“I do not require rest, master, but I will acquiesce if you command it.”

“The Hellhammers will need you at your finest when the stakes rise.  You have forged this team into fearsome weapon.  Has Slave-Coach Sacerdotalist been satisfactory?”

“The worm had strange idea about sprinting and passing and scoring at first, but I think he has adapted adequately and is providing useful advice.  I will not execute him yet.”

Across the infirmary, Elric regarded a hobgoblin technician wrestling with a pneumatic brace strapped to his mangled leg.

“I can walk with it, barely.  I feel like a human, clumsy and slow.”  Elric muttered distastefully.  “Is this the best you can do?”

“You’re lucky I don’t just cut it off and eat it,” the hobgoblin sneered.  “But, the Dreamslayer wants you to move yourself around, wretch.  I don’t see what use you could possibly be, but I won’t risk my hide saying so.  Now, hold still!”


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