Twas a sunny Saturday morning on Orcatrz… The crowd was rowdy the mead was flowing, and the smell of Blood Bowl was in the air… The stadium was packed with inmates and fans of the opposing side alike. Coach Jiggs and OR’Capone are in the Orc Boyz locker room.

“So Coach are the boyz ready?” OR’Capone asks. “Were ready” replies Jiggs. “First game is chaos not too deadly, but ya gotta watch out fer da Chaos warrior named Boo and The Mino Lord Taurus… Iva Boner could be a problem as well…. I’ve taken it upon myself to send some food over to their locker room complimentary of Orcatrz, If ya know what I mean… Good luck today coach..” OR’Capone winks as he walks off to take care of some off the books bets and other guild business before the match starts.


TEAM “HELL YEAAHHHH!!!!” and the team and coach rush down the tunnel from the locker room to take the field… Like the gladiators of old steeling their hearts and minds for the battle ahead..

Mike Vicce and Goaty meet in the middle of the pitch for the coin toss… Mike calls heads in the air and wins… ” We will kick”

The players setup in their positions and Orc Boys try to kick the ball.. Just then one of the inmates in the stands get into a fight with one of the chaos fans inciting a small riot that delays the game a bit and causing quite a commotion for the Iron City Arena Guards… This time the Orc Boys kick the ball right to Goaty the star ball carrier on the opposing team… Iva Boner pushes Uncle Ruckus back behind Rusty Iron Jaw… Lord Taurus goes into a frenzy attacking Rusty pushing him back, doing so surrounded himself with orcs who took the mino down… Freddy “Fingers” Goblowski runs up and stomps Lord Taurus just like the dirty little goblin should. The Orc Boyz move down the field making blocks and reaking havoc putting pressure on the chaos team which has now caged up a bit behind mid field. Rocky “Da Brik” Danger hits Boo Hard stunning him in the process. The Orc Boyz attack the cage from 2 sides opening Gouaty up for a blitz from Tone “Lover Boy” L’Orc which K.O’s the beastman freeing up the ball… Coach Jiggs screams GET THE BALL BOYZ”  But the ball slips through Lover Boys hands and falls to the pitch… The whole while Lord Taurus was writhing on the pitch holding his stomach… The giant mino finally staggers to his feet, but is still in obvious pain… Coach Jiggs wonders if OR’Capone poisoned the food he sent to the teams locker room knowing no mino can resist any amount of food… Coach Jiggs thinks to himself Scarface you sneaky git, and a smile goes cross the coaches face.

Now the ball free on the chaos side of the pitch their ball carrier k.oed Coach Jiggs thinks We have this game… Just then chaos starts knocking orc down to the pitch trying relentlessly to keep the ball in their hands… A loner beastman grabs the ball makes a break for it and tries to throw the ball to Hungry Legend, but drops it before he gets it off. Rusty dumfounded as trolls sometimes are doesn’t go mark the ball… Uncle Ruckus screams “I GOT IT” as he tries to dodge out of a tackle zone he hadn’t noticed and Killer clown put him down opening up the field for the chaos team…

Lollipop Man grabs the ball and hands it off to Hungry Legend, he takes off down field… all the orcs marked up except Freddy “Fingers” so the lone goblin takes off down field as well to make the stop… Legend runs past Freddy but, Boo comes running right at him and the chaos warrior crashes into Freddy full speed taking him out for the remainder of the game… Boo says  “That’s for stomping on Lord Taurus earlier mate” Lord Taurus still not feeling right goes into another frenzy, and this time takes Dee Bo right off his feet and off the pitch knocked out… Mighty Chaz throws a block at Gorfang Smash ‘Hammer but , Gorfang was ready for it injuring Chaz in the heat of it… The apothecary rushed the field and injected Chaz with some unknown mixture and Chaz took to the reserves ready for action… All the while Legend runs it in for the td… After the score some angered inmates rushed the pitch and attacked Mike Vicce, Ignatious Da Great and Gorfang stunning them in the process before security maimed them and took them back to their cells… Orc Named Sue threw a hard block at Killer Clown catching him right on the button knocking the beastman right out…

Second half and the Orc Boyz are back to receive… the kick is a nice kick and Vicce starts off to grab the kick but the wind gave it a nice bounce right into his hands… The orcs rush forward down the middle of the pitch Knocking out the Lolipop Man. The Orc Boyz are winning the numbers game but need 2 points for the win… Rocky Danger runs right through The Reaper to head down field to put himself in scoring position Ice Pick follows for backup…Hungry Legend comes to mark the boys in scoring room but gets knocked out with a slick punch to the snout from Ice Pick… Orc named Sue and Tooth Pick come up the pitch to add to the scorers numbers for more backup… While Iva Boner and Mighty Chaz both mark up Rocky Danger… Mike Vicce runs up the field and hands the ball off to Danger, Danger goes for the score but Mighty Chaz grabs him by his neck and tosses him to the ground and the ball is once again loose… Iva Boner smacks Tooth Pick right in the teeth and Lord Taurus still looking lethargic gets a boost of rage and charges Orc named Sue knocking him out in glorious fashion… Mighty Chaz grabs the ball and takes off down the same side the chaos team broke away from in the 1st half… Coach Jiggs yells “GET THAT GUY HE HAS OUR BALL BOYZ”  Lover Boy knocks Boo down freeing up Gorfang while Uncle Ruckus marks Chaz, Gorfang blitzes knocking Chaz down freeing up the ball again… Mike Vicce tries to dodge out and to the loose ball for a recovery but Lord Taurus kicks him in the back as he tries…The Reaper tries to pick up the ball and fumbles it right back down to the pitch… Rusty Iron Jaw blitzes The Reaper to get him off the ball and Mike Vicce finally Recovers the ball for the Orc Boyz… Coach Jiggs Yells to Vicce “WE GOT IT BACK NOW WE NEED TO SCORE” Vicce looks at the coach and nods his head… Rocky Down field tries to dodge out from Taurus and gets stunned in the process… Vicce doesn’t have many options and the enraged mino now has his eyes on him… The giant rushes Vicce with the strength of a enraged Ice Giant he pushes the thrower while in his frenzy and drops to his knees in pain holding his stomach this time with watery brown manure exploding from his backside… Vicce looks at the poor beast and kicks him right in the stomach…Taurus roars in agony as he falls to the pitch writhing in his own filth… The Reaper blitzes Rusty only to find that the troll was to much for him to handle while on his back pondering how that just happened…Rocky “Da Brik” Danger gets up from his stunned state blitzes a beast pushing him into Gorfang and off to the goal line he awaits the play we’ve practiced so many times… Vicce breaks past the chaos team to throw a beauty of a pass right into the gullet of the blitzer… Rocky bumbles the ball and, and, and, He has it folks the Orc Boyz tie up the game as Rocky Danger runs it in… The Crowd Goes Wild…

Coach Jiggs thinks to himself we tied that one by the skin of our teeth, we need some more practice playing MML Teams Challenge League or not is competition at it’s highest form… If not for scarface poisoning that mino’s food we might’ve been his food… Enough of this, time for my after game interview with Bernie Buffon… Then on to next week against Dio’s Midgets week 2 CL action

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