Iron City Orc Boyz Playoff Bound

Tony Bird here reporting for Spike Magazine. With all the week 7 matches in, the Challenge League Playoffs are upon us. I’m Reporting from Orcatraz covering everything Iron City Orc Boyz. I have a special treat for you all out there in the Blood Bowl world. I’m going to Interview Coach BMFJiggs quick first on his week 7 match and what he thinks the Orc Boyz chances are in the playoffs. Then I have an exclusive interview with none other than the teams star blitzer Rocky ‘Da Brik’ Danger folks so please read on.

Coach Jiggs you beat Cleaverly Orcestrated 2-0 was that how you seen the match playing out?

To be honest Tony I expected a 1-1 tie like last season Coach Jimsardonic is a great coach and his team was well put together. The Boyz were just hungry and came out there and played a better game.

How do you see the Iron City Orc Boyz placing in the playoffs?

Tony you know I’d love to say I see us winning the Challenge League Championship. That would be a pretty bold statement. All 8 coaches who made it this year definitely deserve to be here the competition was full of skilled coaches and players. If my calculations are correct round 1 The Boyz will be up against the undead team coached by Coach Leathyndra. Pretty solid Undead team and you know the Boyz only loss this season was from Tis a Deadite coached by Coach ItsJayFolks. I have to say our performance that match was lacking, and we have watched the tapes over and over, and think we have zeroed in on the problem, and are currently making changes to fix it. I would like to Personally wish all the Coaches Good luck in the Playoffs. If we end up being Opponents Bring Your A game because the Orc Boyz are bringing ours.

Wow Thanks for that coach, and now I’m here with Rocky ‘Da Brik’ Danger star blitzer for the team.

Ow’s it going Tony

Rocky I’ve been following your progress since the farm. This team of convicts just intrigued me. You are seen as the Orc Boyz star player the most touchdowns scored, most receptions, most tackles you are really the heart and soul of this team. How does it feel to be over shadowed by the teams Capt Mike ‘Dog Fighter’ Vicce?

He don’t ober shadow no bodys Tony. Me an Mike are great pals on an off da pitch. Da only way I succeed is if da team wins. Any personal record or team record broken means nothin if we lose. We a pretty tight knit group of orcs.

OK Great. How are the living conditions here on Orcatraz? That is probably the #1 question from our readers towards your team.

Not near as nice as when I was doin my stuntorc job. when I first got ‘ere it was da pits. Literally dey put me in did pit of coal where I shoveled all day into da blast furnace to smelt da Iron dey produce on da island. No bed little food just slept in da coal and ate it sometimes too. Now it’s not so bad wit all da publicity and gold we generate from playing Blood Bowl. Da accommodations for myself and my teammates is much better den da average inmates. Although Moral around da place as been tru da roof, wit us doing so well did season.

Last Question Rocky. Can you reveal any part of the Orc Boyz gameplan for the playoffs?

Well Tony we all just need to play a tough Game of Blood Bowl. Honestly doh Coach tells us before every match. HIT HARD. GET BALL. RUN DAT WAY. So we will probably just keep doing what works Tony

Well a huge thanks to Coach Jiggs and Rocky for the interviews. It’s me Tony Bird reporting from Orcatraz for Spike Magazine Bird’s Eye InterView.


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