Iron League welcomes the Squeal City

Snitchburgh, RA –  A collective sigh of relief was let out by the Blood Bowl loving citizens of Snitchburgh. The Iron League has opened the door for the Black and Mold after their future was looking pretty uncertain.

The PieRats enter the MML just weeks after their expulsion from the SSC (Sewer System Classic) on terms of the Wellness Policy. SSC Officials uncovered that the PieRats were not adhering to the strict “skaven only” rules as clearly stated in the rulebook. After a rash of strange puncture wounds started to appear in opponents uniforms the league launched an investigation and found out that star storm vermin and team captain Munchelstilskin was not a purebred Skaven but actually the illegitimate son of MML vet and Deep One’s great Tra-Tigors and a skaven cheerleader.

“This is a travesty! A complete miscarriage of justice!” Coach Whiskey was quoted of saying following an appeal to the SSC board. “How this is possible is just completely absurd! How in this day and age how people can still be so closed minded! He identifies as a rat, is that not enough!?” He shouted before climbing into a rusty old buick and speeding away.

The team was obviously overjoyed to hear about their new home.

“I’m so glad to finally be a part of a league with CLASS, MORALS and a sense of DIGNITY. The MML has been in high esteem all over and its great to leave the gutter and finally see some of the sun that we so richly deserve! A league looking to crown the best and not ashamed when the best turns out to be half beast!” Munchelstilskin exclaimed at a press conference just outside The Dirty Pizza Kitchen the PieRats call home.

“This is really a second lease on life,” Stephen Pearcy was heard to say. “Its just sad that the whole team couldn’t be here to see this… guys like Tommy and Dwight, god rest their souls… were the heart and soul of this team for so long. This season… its for them,” he said while tapping the patch reading “He’s Gonna Leap Right in There” on his uniform.

While Snitchburgh is an infamously slow starter suffering many painful defeats at the start of the franchise they really seemed to start to come together and when pressed for a prediction for the season starting quarterback The Brain just flashed a coy smile and squeaked “We’re just trying to get our piece of the pie.”


  1. We don’t know where the pie is, but we have some knuckle sandwiches for you. Welcome to the Iron League!

  2. Man they’ll just let any stinky old “rats” into this league won’t they?! If I hadn’t killed Dwight the Pierats would still be losing every game they played! Also zombie Tommy says hi.

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