Iron League/Dungeon West Team Stats

Hello everyone, this is Harry Gobbo reporting to you from the OSPN offices. Today, we have decided to share some team stats with you from the Iron League/Dungeon West play pool, where your very own Wrecking Kru sit in a tie for first place with the Snitchburg PieRats, a new Skaven pro team. After one week of play, the play pool is a jumble in the middle, with four teams tied with one point, while two teams are at the bottom with zero points. So, here are your team stats from the play pool.

Rushing Yards: Snitchburg PieRats 102, New Orcland Grunts 78, Wrecking Kru 66, Nuffles Holy Rollers 56, Mousillon Morningstars 54, Just Norsin’ Around 52, Dignity 42, Mummy Factory 42

Passing Yards: Just Norsin’ Around 36, Snitchburg PieRats 34, Dignity 20, Nuffles Holy Rollers 16, New Orcland Grunts 10, Wrecking Kru 0, Mummy Factory 0, Mousillon Morningstars 0

Total Yards: Snitchburg PieRats 136, Just Norsin’ Around 88, New Orcland Grunts 88, Nuffles Holy Rollers 72, Wrecking Kru 66, Dignity 62, Mousillon Morningstars 54, Mummy Factory 42.

Total Blocks succeeded: New Orcland Grunts 53, Just Norsin’ Around 53, Mousillon Morningstars 51, Mummy Factory 41, Nuffles Holy Rollers 38, Wrecking Kru 26, Dignity 21, Snitchburg PieRats 16.

Knock Outs: Wrecking Kru 5, Mummy Factory 4, Just Norsin’ Around 3, New Orcland Grunts 3, Nuffles Holy Rollers 2, Snitchburg PieRats 1, Dignity 0, Mousillon Morningstars 0.

Injuries Caused: New Orcland Grunts 4, Just Norsin’ Around 3, Wrecking Kru 2, Mummy Factory 2, Dignity 0, Nuffles Holy Rollers 0, Mousillon Morningstars 0, Snitchburg PieRats 0

Kills Inflicted: Just Norsin’ Around 2, Wrecking Kru 1.

Touchdowns Scored: Snitchburg PieRats 3, Wrecking Kru 2, Dignity 1, Nuffles Holy Rollers 1, Mummy Factory 1, New Orcland Grunts 1, Mousillon Morningstars 1, Just Norsin’ Around 0.

Injuries Suffered: Mousillon Morningstars 4, Snitchburg PieRats 3, Dignity 2, Nuffles Holy Rollers 2, New Orcland Grunts 0, Wrecking Kru 0, Mummy Factory 0, Just Norsin’ Around 0.

Kills Suffered: Snitchburg PieRats 2, Dignity 1.

Knock Outs Suffered: Dignity 5, Nuffles Holy Rollers 4, Snitchburg PieRats 3, Mousillon Morningstars 3, Mummy Factory 2, Just Norsin’ Around 1, Wrecking Kru 0, New Orcland Grunts 0.

There you have the first week stats for the Iron League/Dungeon West play pool. We will continue to update these stats throughout the season in order to give our fans a more comprehensive look at one of the toughest play pools in the MML. That is all for this special edition of OSPN, this is Harry Gobbo signing off!


  1. Great initiative! Total team stats for the season is an area we haven’t been tracking, and I love stats. As I suggested to Chase, though, I highly recommend, if you have the time, you put them in a little bit more of a visually appealing/easy-to-read format. I use Microsoft Excel to for the Team Records, which, when you cut and paste the spreadsheet into a post, automatically gives it more of an “official” chart feel, I think. Anyway, I hope that you keep doing this, and that it inspires other coaches to do the same for their conferences.

  2. I am a varsity softball head coach, so stats are my life! We use individual and team stats to track progress, or as incentive/motivation. We actually give helmet stickers to our varsity for each achievement, and I have seen production actually go up through effort. Numbers never lie!!

    I looked briefly on this site for a table, but there wasn’t one. I will try using excel next time, or perhaps numbers from my iPad.

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