It Begins. #HeadFirst

The Battlefield Gazette (BFG) has was allowed exclusive access to the club-house in the off-season, and was extended a contract to retain access through Season 7. BFG set about installing cameras and audio equipment throughout the club house, field, and team traveling vehicles. We hope to bring you some of the inner workings of the Nation as the season goes on.

THE NATION – Season 5 is underway and the Grunts have received their first opponent. As far as the Nation is concerned it really doesn’t matter who it is, but for those outside the Nation the Grunts will be hosting the Mousillon Morningstars on the Battlefield. While this can’t really be classified as a rivalry, the last meeting of the two teams resulting in a draw, it should be noted that Morningstar and Bretonia Presidential candidate Drumph has clashed with Grunt head coach Preach on more than one occasion – throwing multiple, unprovoked accusations and slander against the Nation’s most honorable coach.

Setting the demise of a handful of Bretonians aside for the moment, we asked Preach to comment on the recent state of affairs in the Grunt training camp, and what’s been going on in these weeks building up to the season opener.

BFG: Preach, what have the boys been up to lately?

Preach: We’ve been hitting the training pretty hard. Most of the lads are on a strict diet of iron, that is to say that Leeroy has been putting them through multiple workouts each day.

An excerpt from within the Grunt locker-room. Leeroy gives the boys a pep talk before a scrimmage. 

BFG: We’ve heard some of Leeroy’s commentary and views…they seem, well frankly, rather vulgar at times…doesn’t this clash with your direction for the Grunts given the recent #KeepGoing mantra?

Preach: Not at all. We brought Leeroy on to do a job, and he’s taken it seriously. This is New Orcland not happy, prancy fairy foo-foo elf land.

BFG: I see…

Preach: Further…each week of the season the Grunts will have a new M.O. That is to say that we will have a new motto that guides us for that particular week. We will take the prior weeks successes and trials and build upon them for the upcoming week. It’s an exciting time for the Nation!

BFG: That is exciting! How will you…

Preach: Exciting? That’s all you can say? You’re darn right it’s exciting. This is the best season of Grunts ball since inception. We started #KillBoxWin halfway through last season and we’ve never looked back. I predict a perfect season! We’re coming out of the box ready. It’s a matter of prospective. You’ve got to wrap your mind around some of the facts. The Nation is finally here!!






  1. Those F’Orc’n Grunts…someone should really bring some mummies to come slap them around a bit…

  2. The hell I love those motivation sessions!! I’ll listen to them before every signing up contract meetings I do, I’ll get even better I’m sure!!

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