It’ Your Team – Announcing Team Swag

LEAGUE OFFICE – We’ve been watching your teams for awhile now. From the first game of Season 1, to the tension of the later days of Season 2; the MML is always striving to give Coaches a little more. After some deliberation, research and a few naps…we have found a new way for you to sport your Team pride.

Nothing flashy, nothing excessive. Nothing too over the top, but just enough to grab the interest of the passerby. MML Team gear is about simplicity, comfort, and team pride – it’s exactly what you need to coach to your highest potential.

The MML has decided to launch Pro Gear, professional grade team apparel designed specifically for MML Coaches. Visit our MLPro Gear Store here to discover more, and how you can get involved in our mission to promote the MML and the greatest Coaches in Blood Bowl.

All Pro Teams are eligible, place your Team name in the comments below and the League will post your Team gear to the MMLPro Store shortly after.

All proceeds go towards League site maintenance, enhancements and marketing.


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