It’s all going to plan

‘…so that concludes my presentation and hopefully will renew your faith in my leadership so we can move forward with confidence’ Jumbuk assumed a power stance and looked heavensway. A stunned silence settled over the hall. Goblins looked at each other in confusion. ‘So…losing our best players was all part of the plan?’

Jumbuk, startled from his contemplation of the glorious future, snapped back. ‘Yes yes…slides 2,4,94 and 236 clearly demonstrated that the movement towards a lean trim team with only a few superstars is the way forward.’

Thus seemed to appease the confused goblins and they seemed to grow in stature. There IS a plan. Everything was going to plan. It was all going to be alright.
‘what about that nurgle team? They wrote us a song, they said they wouldn’t hurt us and they did. They said nice things, they said they were nice nurgle then they crushed us under heel. Twice.’

‘im sure it was accidental and not meant. Both times. I’m sure it won’t happen again…’

Jumbuk Jumped up on to his podium. ‘Look I know it’s been tough but we will emerge from this stronger. I’ve been building some connections with the local wizards academy. They’re going to help us out. And I’ve written some letters to some people who may help us.we’re not alone in this…’

’people what pe…’ the question was interrupted by a solid thunderous, demanding bang on the door that seemed to shake the whole cavern…


’ah that’ll be them now…’


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