It’s Been A Long Road

This has been the fifth season for the Power Hour and it seems that each year gets tougher. The teams get stronger and the coaches move skilled. We set out at the start of this season with 2 main goal. With 1 week left to the regular season it seems like a good time to look back on these goals.

#1: Survive
We survived the season so far and now are looking at finishing it off strong in week 7 against the former Champions the Los Pumas.

#2: Return to the Bloodweiser Bowl
Having locked up a Bowl game we are a natural fit to return to the Bloodweiser Bowl to make our 4th appearance in our 5 year team history.
Missing out on it last season was a great disappointment. From that disappointment the team found the drive and focus to work harder this season.
We didn’t get here on our own. We had help. The have to thank the fans first. They show up week after week to what us play and cheer us on. Know that we do this for you. We but in the work all week to bring you an entertaining match. Second we need to thank the league for not abandoning this team thru all the trouble that we have had over the season. We have survived spats with the media, Prison and even Goblin Gambling. Other leagues might have just kicked us out at the first sign of trouble. But, the MML was our rock. On that solid footing we have built something strong. The last people that must be thanked are my opponents. The crucible of competition that you have given me has made me a better coach and a stronger person. Each week you test my abilities on the field and challenge me to be better. When I look back at where I started with this team it astounds me how much I have learned from you all.
I’m proud to announce that the Bill COWher Power Hour have signed their intention to return the the Death Valley next season and have begun construction of a new stadium after the riot the destroyed our last on after the Week 4 home lost to the Titans this season… This isn’t to be confused with our Season 5 stadium that got Burnt to the ground at the end of the Week 3 loss to the Titans.
That is all the news we have for you at this time. We will keep you update on the time and date of both the Week 7 game with the Los Pumas and the future (Hopefully) Bloodweiser Bowl.


  1. Oh come on am I the only one that is not happy facing this team once more??? <great work as usual buddy!

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