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It was the middle of the night. The sky was clear and the moon was in full view of Magrita. Inside the court came screams of terror. Laying in some hay bails was Jofro. Asleep legs kicking arms punching at the air. He’s screams got loader. I will make you pay, I will make you feel the pain in which I have felt. He awake frothing at the mouth eyes blood shot. He sat up and headed for the couches tent.
Coach you awake as he stormed the tent. Beerz sat up to the screams of someone outside his tent. What’s going on he thought. He swung he’s gimpy leg over the side of he’s coat and slow stood. At the opening to his tent stood Jofro. Jofro what are you doing. It’s the middle of the night on a game night. Jofro looked at Beerz still fuming from his nightmare. Coach this season is getting to me. First Sloucky had to leave and this hate for my father is getting to me. I think it has showed in my first two games. Almost died due to not moving with the group second game barely played due to tacking a punch like a stupid skink would have and sitting on the sidelines all game. I need to end this hate that is driving me. I need to feel the blood of my foes I need to kill.
Beerz stepped back shocked by his young beastmen. Jofro what can I do to help? Jofro thought for a moment and as if a punch to the head hit him the idea came to him. I think it’s time for me to go to the great More Shots and have him help me develop my tail. With it I can add to my arsenal of being able to crush those horrible lizards. Then when I’ve stood over them my father will see the beastmen I’ve become.    Beerz thought about what Jofro was saying. Adding another player with StackleTail would make his team that more harder to play. Does Shots still have the goo?

Alright Jofro after week 5 we have a week for holidays. Go to More Shots and ask him to help. When you return go out to the pitch and show them your hate. The tail will come if the ooze is mixed right. Rémy used it and it came. Now go to bed and get ready for those dark elves. A smile came to Jofro as he nodded to his coach. He returned to his bail of hay and thought about how his tail would come and what it could do to his foes and maybe even his father!! Jofro later his head down and drifted back to sleep. This time the nightmares didn’t come he was happy!! In 13 he trust!!!


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  1. So…you’re saying that you and your players rub Shots’ goo all over your bodies to prepare for games? I don’t think you’re playing Blood Bowl anymore. This is some new sick game. I’ve been saying this all along: The Misfits are a bunch of degenerates!

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