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JUST SCORE – JS has been given the following press release for publication:

We have long suffered under oppression of the Skaven. The filthy vermin scrounge in our gutters, running around as if it’s a play ground. These vermin are a ravenous storm, throwing disease and panic their wake.

We are pleased to announce the Collation Affirming the Targeting of Skaven (C.A.T.S). CATS is dedicated to taking the fight to the Skaven menace. Through dedicated research and testing we believe that we have indeed built a better trap, and have come up with a rigorous training program for our CATS members. Only through a combined effort will be able to combat the ratmen. CATS is dedicated to providing financial, legal and physical assistance to those who join CATS.


The following are CATS members:

New Orcland Grunts
Cans Wes Eats It

To Join CATS, leave a comment in the comments below.

(The above views do not represent the views of Just Score magazine, it’s affiliates or subsidiaries. Just Score is an unbiased publication that reports on all aspects of the MML. It welcomes all articles for publication.)


  1. Now hold on just a minute! We Skaven are supreme beings! We should be praised and revered as the one true race! This is an outrage!

  2. Mauz feels that this is Just Score Magazine taking an unfair media bias in the Cranium Conspiracy going on between them and Bill COWher Power Hour.

  3. Cans wes eats it declares support for cats and would like to join and remember to kill the shaven and than send there heads to coachs and eat the rest

  4. Just Score has added a disclaimer to clear up the bias. You’ll not the press release was given to JS, they just reported it.

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