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It’s easy to create a new team, sit back and see what happens in regards to their legacy. With a little luck, you may win a few games and people might remember your team name. But what if Nuffle isn’t on your side?

At J.A.G., we see things differently. We start with a solid understanding of your teams brand and take time to understand your goals and then build a plan to get there.

Team Magnetics

In a perfect league everything about your team would be aligned.

Whether you are talking to your players or your fans, everyone would understand what makes your organization different and better than the competition.

We examine your team from every angle – viewing it based on how you market today, how your fans see you, what your players think and what is happening in the league you play in.

The goal is simple. We want all the perspectives – how you market today, how your fans see you, what your players think and what is happening in the league you play in – to be closely aligned!

Team Magnetics gives you an in-depth look at your tram today and positions you for future success.

Using the intelligence gathered during the Team Magnetics process, we capture what is most important to your organization, your fans and the league you play in.

That insight is integrated into a carefully crafted platform that defines your:

  • Key messages
  • Value proposition
  • Brand personality

The Brand Platform serves two key roles

First, it ensures that key players, fans and league members have a clear, consistent voice in the market.

Next, it guides all future marketing to ensure that your messaging is faithful to your overall brand.


When it comes to branding, we know it takes more than just a great logo or single design. You need a comprehensive strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Our creative services ensure you have a long-term asset that will stand the test of time and deliver on your brand promise.

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JAG is looking for inspiring clients. We want to help you develop your brand, let us plan and execute all your team marketing. With over a year of successful marketing experience in the premiere Blood Bowl League on the planet, and more than a dozen successful marketing campaigns JAG offers a deal you cannot afford to refuse. If you don’t us JAG, your opponents will.

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