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Being a neutral source for all your MMLPRO needs Just Score Magazine will now begrudgingly looks into the Bill COWher Power Hour.
Coach More_Shots doesn’t appear to have much talent at coaching Blood Bowl. He stumbled onto the MML scene in Season 2 with a chaos team lacking any skill. This combination was fitting do to the coach also not showing any skills. The only ability that coach More_Shots seems to possess is his talent of turning large quantities of booze into piss. This happens often during games and has led to erratic coaching and many mistakes on the field.
The Numbers
Season 2
-They won a game or 2 and that was mostly luck
-Team forgot to score a T8 TD do to the coach leaving the sideline to get more beer.

Season 3
-The showed up to all 8 games and that by itself was shocking.
-A drunken More_Shots has to be physically restrained after attempting to storm the field with a bastard sword during a heated battle with orcs.
-Team transfers in Knob Creek with promises of killing entire teams. (Knob Creek fails to kill anyone)

Season 4
-Knob Creek again fails to kill and players and Markers Mark is added to the roster to distract the fans from Creeks failures to deliver on promises of violence.
-Luck is on the side of the Power Hour and they seem to be a lock for playoffs going into week 6. More_Shots goes on an orcane and booze induced bender and loses the final 2 games of the season.
-Power Hour fail to make playoffs and coach goes to Prison

Season 5
-Knob Creek continues to fail to impress the fans and begins being called Knob “Meek”
-Beastman Stolichnaya joins team as them move back East.
-Power Hour suffer 2 deaths and 4 losses and fans begin to question if they should be removed from the league

Season 6
-Season starts with More_Shots being broken out of prison with the help of Stuff&Junk and his brave skaven.
-More_Shots goes into hiding to avoid goblin gambling.
-Season of the Rabbit become the teams battle cry.
-Season becomes dedicated to Coach Shadow and the Champions of Valhalla.
-They much luck they made the playoffs and then were quickly beaten by the Leaping Lizards.

The Players
“The Chaos Warriors” (They don’t know how to talk)
Jack- Original Member
3rd lowest SSP on the team and regularly finds himself out of position. Known for his ability to fall sleep on the field at random times.
Mark- Season 4 addition
Nicknamed the “atrocity” by announcers for having a tail. His tail rarely stops opponents from running away and it mostly for ascetics and to serve as a distraction for fan so they don’t notice the Power Hour giving up TDs.
CARBOMB- New This Season
Carbomb is the new kid on the block and doesn’t seem to fit into the group yet. He tends to take the games seriously and hasn’t had his hopes and dreams crushed by repeated failures to accomplish his life goals. We are hope by next season he will quit trying so hard. He is make the rest of the team look bad.
Knob Creek – Season 3 addition
Nicknamed the “abomination” by announcers. Only active player to have a bounty still on his head. Knob Creek came into the league and was quickly determined to be an issue for the league and labeled as a hazard to the league health and well-being. This may have been an overreaction do Knob being 4 complete seasons into his career and still not having killed a single player. He has truly earned his other nickname being mockingly called “Knob Meek”

Bill RANanowski and RAM Chancellor – The Niggle Brothers
These original members started off in S2 with early promise of being the backbone and strength of the team. They quickly developed niggling injuries and have been a shining example of the Power Hours failure to live up to early hopes.
Stephen GOATkowski and WarRAM Sapp – The Confused
These two follow the lead of the Niggle Brothers. They can commonly be seen on the field in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Stephen was hired to be the teams kicker and after several levels has strangely never learned how. As WarRAM was tasked with ancoring the front line with block and stand firm and has still to learn either. It would appear that the Power Hour can’t properly train or coach their players.
Horny Siragusa – The Goose
Fat slow and lazy are the words that best describe Goose. He rarely shows up for practice and when he does he only serves to distract the team from accomplishing anything.
Odell BrackRAM Jr. – The Woody (New Hire Season 3)
Odell was an early disappointment spending most of his first season on the bench learning from MarSHEEP Faulk. With MarSHEEPs retirement Odell stepped into the spotlight and shined. Becoming the teams main offensive tool and ball handler. He has been known to pass catch and handoff. He is the only bright point in the Power Hours offense. The team plans to sell him off to the highest bidder at the end of the season due to him not fitting in with the failing nature of the rest of the team and it’s coach.
Stolichnaya – Stoli a.k.a. The HornedDancer (Season 5 addition)
With a rash of teams of all races attempting to train up wardancer like players the Power Hour followed suit and hired Stoli. But, unlike wardancers the Power Horus piece tends to fail at leaps and quickly remove himself from the field and rest on the sideline for long breaks during the game. The Odell soon to be traded to the FlatEarth Angels Stoli will be left in charge of this failing teams ball handling in the near future.

The Coach
More_Shots has been a failure at most things he has attempted in the MML. Somehow thru no ability of his own he was put in charge of a team and has stayed alive long enough to register 5 complete season in the MML and shockingly now finds himself forced into the playoffs. He has publicly requested to be taken out of the playoffs. His only desire appears to be his contentious pursuit of alcohol. He is commonly seen on the sidelines in a drunken state and shouting orders to his team in anger. This Sunday he will attempt to again not get himself and his players killed when they have the Leaping Lizards and a first round loss. The Power Hour will then be rushed off to S7 where they will need to build a new stadium and begin the long seasons march toward every seasons main goal… a Power Hour Bloodweiser Bowl.


  1. Errr… I didn’t find this team that failling when I faced them… Is “embarassing” the proper word for that?

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