Just Score – Breaking News – Live press conference at Leaping Lizard HQ

Coach Don : “Hello all, thanks for joining us here in the HQ on such short notice. The reason you’ve been called here will soon become clear”
Reporters all talking through eachother
Coach Don raises his hand and slowly moves it down to signal the reporters to be quiet.
Coach Don : “Leaping Lizard have lost a big game last night, we played well but were not equiped for facing this chaos team. Although Slibli came to help us, his impact on the game was very limited. A wizard fireball combined with a mass tackle on Slibli meant he was out of the game and has to take some time to recover from this blow.”

Coach Don : “I’m proud of my players for reaching the playoffs for a second time in their career, sadly the game went the same as our first playoff game in season 3. Too many injuries at the start made us unable to fight back for the win. The mood in the locker room after the game was pretty grim and for the first time in my coaching career I didn’t know what to say to the boys.”

Coach Don : “After deliberation with the players and the board, we have come to a conclusion.”
Room suddenly went quiet

Coach Don : “This was the last season of the Leaping Lizard.”

The room suddenly burst with sound as the reporters wanted to be the first to ask a question about this to the coach

Coach Don : “Yes, you with the red scarf”
Reporter 1 : “Are you resigning as coach? if so didn’t you have a debt to pay to the board?”
Coach Don : “No, to be clear, the board decided to stop funding Bloodbowl and disbanded the team immediately. Players are free of their contract and may sign with other teams as am I.”
Reporter 2 : “But why now? Why this sudden decision by the board”
Coach Don : “We, the players and myself, sat down with the board to talk about the future of the team when we suddenly came to the conclusion there was none, hence the decision”
Reporter 3 : “Just after 1 bad game?”
Coach Don : “The game didn’t help for sure, but the decision is not solely based on this game. It is mainly based on this and last season and the growth of the team in those seasons. We believe the team has reached it peak and further funding it would only put it in a downhill spin as more and more teams around us grow beyond our level.”
Reporter 4 : “What about transfers, are the players looking for a club already?”
Coach Don : “Some are, some are retiring and even one is going for a modelling career, he has his first interview for a Handbag commercial, believe it or not”
Reporter 4 : “Can you be more specific?”
Coach Don : “Its a brand called Guppi”
Reporter 4 : “ I didn’t mean that! Tell us about who is looking for a new team!!”
Coach Don : “ Oh, Wade has contacts with a team for S8 and I believe Snake already signed a deal for a team in the Challenge League. I hope they can give him some purpose as he felt lost a bit at the Leaping Lizard”

Reporter 5 : “ And you? What’s next for you? “
Coach Don : “I’m glad you asked. 2 seasons ago I had talks with a necromantic squad called the Midnight Howlers. I was however too committed to LL at that time. In my free time I managed to coach them to a tournament win and I think it’s time I take on a more permanent role on that team and start coaching them towards the MML Pro level. So next season you’ll find me in the Challenge League fighting for promotion.”

And with that, the conference came to an end as did the Leaping Lizards career.




Note from author :

“The last 2 seasons it became clear to me my Lizardman team was very 1-dimensional. While I had fun with them, I feel a new team is needed to keep my attention for the following couple of seasons. It’s no secret Necro is “my” team as Hez would put it. I used to play them in Tabletop and have probably the most games with them in my whole BB TT carreer. The Leaping Lizard are unique though with their strength 5 saurus and that’s what made me wait so long for the switch. But I feel if I push on 1 more season with them i’ll be constantly regretting it and the season won’t be enjoyable for me. In the end, I’ll have more fun playing them and don’t we all play this game for the fun it brings us? See you next season in CL!”


  1. Best of luck with your new team, another great coach joins the CL ranks, looking forward to S7 more and more!

  2. Sad to see them go and feel honored to have had a chance to play against them. Wish you continued luck with your new team and know that the Leaping Lizards will never be forgotten.

  3. I totally empathize. Lizards are great when they fire on all cylinders, but they are really hard to weather a good Nuffling with, especially in a playpool rampant with MB, Claw, and PO.

  4. Wow! One of the Thugz regular and biggest rivals! Won’t be the same without the Leaping Lizards. Always dreaded that fixture. Was always bloody. Well you left your mark on the mml and many teams. (Like we left a mark on Wade 😉)

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