Just Score – Coach Doneagle caught Cheating

March Madness Tournament, Turn 16 of the semi-finals – “Coach Sestonn: You know you’re Treeman is illegal, right?”

Those words will haunt coach Doneagle forever as he was disqualified from the Tournament after fielding a Treeman when the rules clearly state that no big guys were allowed. Coach Doneagle had the following to say: “Look, this Treeman was obviously left over from a previous game on the pitch and when we arrived he was there and started playing. Who am I to say that he can’t? Shouldn’t the ref be doing that? No further comments!” Although possible ( Treemen are very slow ), it is very hard to believe his story as the treeman was cleverly disguised into a wood elf catcher with very stretched catcher gear and a wig.

This new scandal comes at a bad time when coach Doneagle already has to fight all the drug use allegations of his main team The Leaping Lizards.

No word yet of an official investigations into coach Doneagle’s coaching activities by the MML. We’ll keep you up to date of any further developments.