Just Score: Coach Missing After Loss

Friday night the Treehawks defeated the Power Hour in a 3-2 game that was most erratic.  Coach More_Shots was visibly drunk before the game even started.  He forced his players to play “elf style” ball and kept screaming up to the announcing crew “How you like my new offense!”  Shortly after the game coach Shots went missing.  Twerper reports have him at several bars after the game.  It would appear that we walked out on several tabs and was last seen early Saturday driving a stolen pizza delivery car towards the Skaven district of town.  It has been almost 48 hours since the game and the police are beginning to get involved.  The Power Hour have been scheduled to play Norse Leap Monday at 5 EDT and will be forced to concede the game if the coach isn’t located.




  1. The undefeated streak is over, maybe more trauma than the coach could handle???

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