Just Score: Don Jamaica Rises

Just Score magazine has acquired the patient log for patient Don Jamaica.

8:37- Patient admitted to ER room 108.

8:53- Doctor examines patient.  Patient unresponsive. Patient has lacerations and bruising on 40% of his body. Pupil response sluggish.  Right shoulder appears to have been dislocated.  Schedule X-ray.  Patient smells of alcohol. Schedule B.A.C. test. Test for all street level drugs before giving anything with known side effect. Patient shows signs of severe dehydration.

9:12- ER nurses clean an bandage wounds and put on an I.V. for dehydration.

10:28- Pupil response rate still slow.  Patient taken to X-ray

11:51- Patient returned from X-ray.  X-ray tech reported the patients arm twitched several times after being placed on the x-ray table.

12:25- Patient found on floor of room.  I.V. was pulled out and blood covered the floor.  Patient still unresponsive.  Patient moved to room 115.  Security Guard placed in room to protect patient from falling out of the bed.

12:37- Nurse attempted to draw blood for drug and B.A.C. test.  When pricked with the needle the patient jolted awake and began speaking in a strange language.  The patent seemed confused and began to speak in a normal language after being spoken to in English.  The patient asked where he was and what had happened. Then what day it was and then what time.  As the nurse attempted to again draw blood for the test the patient screamed “Be gone vial vampire! You will not fine your drink here!” and jump on top of the bed and kicked the nurse to the ground.  As the security guard attempted to wrestle the patient down from the bed, the patient bit a chunk from the guards forearm and spit it across the room.  The patient then overpowered the guard and sprinted from the room.

12:42- Code Blue called for Patient missing.  Hospital placed on lockdown.

13:03- Patient seen in stairwell.  Security was not able to apprehend.

13:16- The patient was seen ransacking a crash cart in I.C.U. It is unknown what items or drugs may have been taken or acquired.  Patient escaped into a stairwell.

13:29- A bed was crashed thru a window in room 217.  It would appear the patient broke the window and jumped to a tree.  Bandaged found at the base of the tree.

13:31- Search expanded to neighborhood area.  Police informed of patient missing.

14:13- Police report finding a nearby house has been broken into.  The refrigerator had been gone thru and a owners truck is missing

They has been no update on the situation at this point patient Don Jamaica is currently at large and considered to be very dangerous.

If you see this vehicle please contact your local police.












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