Just Score – Exclusive Interview with coach Doneagle

We are very excited to bring you our exclusive interview with coach Doneagle of team Leaping Lizard. Coach Doneagle finally agreed to sit down with us after a lot of lobbying by our star reporter and answered our questions about this mystery team.

Q. Thank you for sitting down with us, tell me a bit about how you got recruited as coach of the Leaping Lizard Team.
A. One day Hodor (red: The Kroxigor ) contacted me about starting a fresh team for this up and coming MML league. I was a bit sceptical at first to coach saurus and skinks so the idea was to start a team of 11 Kroxigors. Naturally I was very excited until the Bloodbowl community told us we were not allowed to do this. Come on, Who wouldn’t like to see 11 kroxigors on the field mauling the opposition? So we went back to the drawing board and we started training Saurus and Skink to complete the lineup and joined the MML League.

Q. Your Season 2 record is not that impressive. Is your job as coach secure?
A. When he ( red: Hodor ) recruited me, I was very clear about the plans for the team. I had a 3 year plan to get this team to the top of the rankings. When Hodor looked it over he was impressed with the deviousness of it, so he have me an airtight 3-year contract. While our record is not impressive, it is all part of the plan. But the first part of the plan didn’t exactly go as planned.

Q. What was the first part?
A. Laying low, drawing no attention at all from other teams and news reporters as yourself. But as you can see, this hasn’t worked out.

Q. Oh so that was why you always declined our interviews?
A. Exactly. One coach kept warning people about our team and so we had to shorten the first part of the plan. Wait until Hodor gets a hold of that coach!!

Q. So what does the future hold for the team now that you are out in the open.
A. Winning! We are having promising talks with a star player in the farm, combined with the continued training of our players in blocking, we believe this will give us the chance in season 3 to kill a lot of play… uhm…fight for the playoffs.

Q. Any comments about the Wasteland Athletic Conference changes for Season 3. Are you looking forward to face coach Thunden?
A. Who is Thunden? ( red: we gave some information to coach doneagle about this coach and his team ) Ah, that coach that dominated Death Valley Conference with his Orcs and thinks he can come into OUR conference and take it over? Yeah, don’t care about him and his team. There are only 2 real teams in Wasteland Athletics, The Tyrants and us. Although it pains me to have to say those nasty high elves are a real team. Expect the newcomers to be on the bottom of the competition. It wouldn’t surprise me if they quit after the first game and want to go back.

Q. So the last game of the season is coming up. Any thoughts about that.
A. Rats look alot like skinks so we are training our saurus hard to know what to kill and what not, we expect a challenging game and if I understand correctly a bowl game is possible for us if we take the win. The plan was to get no bowl game but as part 1 of the plan failed anyway already, we’re gonna fight for one now to make teams scared of us for Season 3. I’m looking forward to it.

Q. Thanks for talking to us, Good luck in the last match.
A. Hah! Who needs luck if you have strength?