Just Score Exclusive with Marwin Atwood

Arkham, MA  – Calling in a few favors, I was able to land an exclusive sit down interview for Just Score Magazine with Innsmouth’s Owner Marwin Atwood.

Not much as been heard from the Deep Ones since their embarrassing loss in the Challenge League semi finals. Making twice in as many seasons that the Ones find themselves 2 wins shy of their goal.  This silence doesn’t come as much of a surprise, Innsmouth is notorious for its tightlipped ways and outsiders are always met with a bit of disdain.

I was quickly ushered past the Innsmouth training facility and into the main offices. There he sat, with disheveled hair, a large unkempt grey beard and a pipe was Marwin Atwood.

Just Score: Good Day Mr. Atwood, if you don’t mind I’m going to get right into it. There has been a lot of questions surrounding the state of your team as they head into Season 4, and some have even suggested that this could be a “bridge” year for Innsmouth. Where do you stand with your expectations going into the season opener?

Marwin Atwood: I expect a championship. Twice* now we have put ourselves in situations where it was a real possibility and twice now we have not been able to seal the deal… I have full faith in my boys to go out there and make the Old One happy.

JS: What about your coach, Whiskey_Tornado? Rumors had been floating out there that he was debaing not renewing his contract with the team and taking his talents out west to the Hollywoo Stars&Celebrities.

MA: Whiskey is not going anywhere! We have the utmost confidence in Whiskey and even gave him a contract extension and promotion this off season. He was merely doing research in Hollywoo trying to find some inspiration for some new plays and an explosive new offense.

JS: Will a new offense mean new faces? No one has seen Tra-tigors since his most recent injury.

MA: Tra-tigors has spent the offseason rehabbing and will be back better than ever! He will be the first player on the pitch, he embodies everything every Deep One aspires to be. He have eyed some supporting talent that we plan to pic up in Free Agency and we expect this to be the most exciting Chaos offense out there. Now i’m sorry, but I must cut this interview short. Apparently some Beastmen got loose in the countryside…

I was quickly escorted not just off property but out of Arkham city limits. Whatever they have cooking up in sleepy little Innsmouth they don’t want anyone to see…

Innsmouth plays week one against the Skuttle Butts coached by Spawn_of_Cthulu in a Lovecraft themed showdown of Chaos vs Skaven.