Just Score: InGen Apocalypse

Good news everyone! This week Just Score sent this reporter to meet with coach Wyatt and profile his MML team: InGen Apocalypse.

I was instructed by coach Wyatt not to go to his sponsors headquarters at the mysterious InGen tower, rather I met up with him at their state of the art training arena code named ‘Site B’. Located at a remote island off the coast of San Diego I took a ferry across to the islands referred to by locals as the ‘Five Deaths’. Upon disembarking the ferry I was astounded by the high tech facility, an assortment of laboratories and hatcheries surrounding a perfectly maintained Blood Bowl stadium. Holographic crowds cheered and roared as the Apocalypse team ran through plays and practised blocks. Coach Wyatt was at the centre of the field and upon seeing me he indicated a time out and came jogging over. A tall ungainly man, Wyatt reminds this reporter of a high elf with no agility or good looks, but he was friendly and provided this break down of his team:


T-Rex, the fastest Krox in the MML, T-Rex practices by running down jeeps and trampling them. He considers himself a future star player and doesn’t always get along with the team.

Loner, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull, Bonehead, +MV


Snake, an immense brute and veteran Bloodbowl pro. Brought in this season from the Leaping Lizards, Snake is the newest member of the team.

Block, +ST

Swoop, a transfer from Count Fnords cybernetic experiments. Swoop is dependable and will never give in, his tenacity has recently gotten him injured.

Block, Guard, -MV

Paddles, another transfer from Count Fnords. Paddles still rattles as he walks from all the steel implanted into his tail at by that lunatic and his crazy experiments.


Draco, this Saurus doesn’t understand even the most basic instructions. Luckily he was bred with blood bowl tactics instinctively instilled in him, making him still useful on the team.


Bossk II, Rumour has it Bossk II’s father Bossk was killed in the MML farm. All we know is that Bossk came to join the Apocalypse on the proviso that at some point, when he meets the guy he thinks killed his dad, he’s just gunna go nuts and won’t stop until they’re dead.

-No Skills Yet


Dino Chicken, this skink has no fear, he has no limitations and the fans love him for it. Dino Chicken famously takes on any opponent and never stays down.

Dodge, Stunty, Diving Catch, Side Step

Knives, a quiet skink, Knives tries to hide out of sight whilst his team mates make the big plays. Rumour has it he lost his confidence after being stabbed 13 times by a dark elf assassin. When he finally finds himself, he will be very hard to stop.

Dodge, Stunty, Diving Catch, +MV

Raptor, the most naturally violent skink. Raptor loves to blitz and block, he’s just not very good at it.

Dodge, Stunty, Diving Catch

Chameleon, he’s the skink who brought down a Rat Ogre. More to him than meets the eye..

Dodge, Stunty, Diving Catch

Compi, a little guy even for a skink. Compi is so small he is often hidden behind T-Rex and pops out when nobody expects it.

Dodge, Stunty, Side Step

Phelsuma, REDACTED by order of InGen Corporation

I was disappointed not being able to publish Phelsuma’s character due to a legal challenge from InGen. However, on my ferry ride home I did my own research and I believe I can bring to our readers the information they need to know.

Dodge, Stunty, Sprint, Sure Feet, Jump Up, +MV, +AG

Thanks for reading, good fortunes in season 7!



  1. Team looks dangerous, especially after the addition of Snake. Is Bossk II’s first name Inigo? If so, we can look forward to hearing him say, “HA-LLO! My name is Inigo Bossk. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

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