Just Score Magazine Presents: “Highlight That!”

Like the Japanese principle of Kaizen, the MML seeks continuous improvement. Meet its latest author of evolution, A Man in Tights. “Tights,” or “Tight Man,” as he is known in inner circles, has set the community on fire by actualizing what others have unsuccessfully tried to start for multiple seasons now: a highlight reel.

We’ve all heard the idea before. We’ve even talked about how cool it would be. But prior attempts have been unsuccessful because the submission requirements were too much, the time commitment too demanding, etc. At some point, we lost interest in the possibility, convinced it would never happen. And then Tights revealed this: https://youtu.be/s_s2or0V5ac (while you’re there, subscribe to his channel!).

The Beta video is simple, yet effective; it is so exactly what we’ve been asking for that MML coaches are wondering why this hasn’t been done before. Simply put, Tights’ expertise in the applicable software makes it relatively easy and quick for him to put together videos like this, but consisting of multiple clips. Also, where previous video makers would have needed MML coaches to create video clips on their own and then submit them for the video creator to put them together, Tights requires only the following for submissions: (1) the game must have been streamed and archived somewhere (i.e., Twitch, YouTube), and preferably (but not necessarily) announced (announcers’ commentary allows Tights to put the clips together without requiring him to insert additional sound or voice-overs; and (2) after the match, someone must DM Tights through Discord (join the MML Discord server here: https://discord.gg/ndtvP6A) with (a) identifying info for the match (at minimum, which teams played, but also play pool helps), and (b) the turn in which the highlight happened (please try to include whether it’s top or bottom of the turn). You don’t have to submit any videos; Tights will take care of it!

For you announcers, it is not required, but it would make it easier for Tights to identify the highlights (as well as add a continuing theme to the highlight video), if you would declare “Highlight That!” whenever a highlight-worthy even happens in game. Please be judicious with your use of “Highlight That!” Save it for the really good stuff.

The first official MML Highlight Video will be produced shortly after the conclusion of S7 Weeks 4 & 5. Only submissions from those weeks will be used. The best 10 will be chosen. So, to you coaches out there, go make some magic happen out on the pitch; and to you announcers, remember to “Highlight That!”

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