Just Score Season Wrap-Up Special : Karag Dron Krushers

Coach Midway was distraught. The Krushers had underperformed in their Pro debut and the Krushweed and Krushweiser sales were plummeting. Something had to be done soon, before the War Council came calling.


Scattered across his desk were numerous parchments, each one an offer of an aspiring player looking to earn some coin and a roster spot. Midway sifted through the proposals and grimaced…”these simply will not do” he muttered to himself.


The coach reflected back to the glory days, back when he himself suited up and took the pitch. There were so many glorious memories, so many talented players to reflect upon….and one in particular, Star Runner Waltor “Sweetness” Hateton, was reminding him of what the Krushers currently lacked.


What we need is some Sweetness, Midway thought to himself….the aggressive playing style….the “Never Die Easy” mentality….the Grace…..the Krushers were lacking Sweetness and he knew it.


As he stepped back from the table to ponder the thought he noticed one of the offers had fallen upon the floor. It was an offer from a relatively unknown minor league affiliate called the Party Poopers. Midway’s eyes widened as he looked down upon the parchment for there at the bottom of the list of available players was one named Sugar.


Nothing is sweeter than sugar he thought to himself (well aside from the dying tears of a Witch Elf perhaps). Sugar would provide the Sweetness the team had been lacking all season. A big smile crept across his face….”and just perhaps we may have some Sunshine coming our way in the future” he chuckled.


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