Just Score – Team Profil: Harrelsons

We here at Just Score magazine thought it would be a good idea to stand still for a moment and spent some time to get to know the iconic teams of the MML league. After getting a closer look at Leaping Lizard in our last issue, we will now take some time to look at the remaining wood elf team in season 6, Harrelsons.

After seasons without any progress, Woody, the charismatic, cigar-smoking owner, decided that it was time for a change. Coach Hermann Gerschweiler, who was known for his conservative, some stay boring, playstyle, was replaced by LouLizCSC, a veteran Halfling coach, who spent the last few years, coaching orcs, undead and even dwarves for fun.

That chance did not only bring success to the team, but changed the playing style dramatically. Having coached many different races, LouLiz is known to change the style of his plays on every turn. Caging up, bashing, grinding out on defense, they can do it all as the regular elf-bs.




The Numbers

Season 5

– best record in CL, winning the conference 6-1-0 wdl

– post-season : devastating loss to Orcnsal FC

Season 6

– winning the WAC/WFC and making the playoffs 4-1-2 wdl

– playing ntb’s Rodentia ad Nauseam in the first round of the play-offs


Total stats at time of end of Season 6 : 10-2-3 ( W-D-L )


The Players

Deepwood Oak

(Tree with Mighty Blow, Loner, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Take Root, Block, Multiple Block, Pro)

He is probably the player who gained the most from Woody signing LouLizCSC, a tree-expert working with them for years. He taught him how to block, give up on drives less and change his playing style to a very aggressive approach, even blitzing from time to time.


Sililith Sprintchamp

( Catcher with Catch, Dodge, Sprint, MV+, Block, Sure Feet, Side Step and Leap )

Without a doubt the teams’ super-star, doing most of the scoring. Scoring threat whenever he’s on the pitch, pulling off some of the craziest plays you can imagine. In combination with the wardancers and the tree a great one-turner always looking to score more. During his career he scored 32 TD on 906 rushing yards. Currently sitting at 117 SPP with a shot for legendary status.


Himilar the Healer

( Lineman with MV-, Ag+, Pass block )

He used to be the team’s thrower before Fumble Fingers joined the team. Now he takes care of fumble fingers and tries get the ball to him. His experience as a thrower is now used on defense where he is great at anticipating the opposing team’s passing routs and always ready for an interception.


Dancing Leaves

( Wardancer with Dodge, Block, Leap, Guard, AG+, Tackle, Strip Ball )

You can call him the team’s bread and butter. He does everything. Blocking, blitzing, assisting on blocks, cage-diving, leaping to deliver his guard, leaping to get to the ball, passing and of course scoring and he is not done yet. A few more touchdowns and we will see him devolve even further. The defining moment for his career war when his twin brother, Flying Fists (wardancer also with guard) was brutally murdered by the Granite City Grimbeards. They used to be the perfect duo, helping each other out on cage diving and protecting one another. Now desperately wants to with the championship to make his brother proud.



Chlenched Cheeks

( Wardancer with Block, Dodge, Leap )

Having to replace Flying Fists, this season has not been easy for him. He was in the stands when his predecessor got slaughtered and it left a mark on him. Always being worried about getting hit, he yet has to step up his game to help Harrelsons win the championship.


Damerior Dashman

( Catcher with Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, AV- )

He is basically Sililith’ apprentice, waiting to take his place once he is forced to retire. Valuable on defense he is not afraid to put his fragile body into risky positions.


Fumble Fingers

( Thrower with Pass, AG+, AG+, Leader )

After their play-off loss in season 5, morale was low on the Harrelsons, so Woody decided to sign a new leader to the team. His good contacts to coach Rez helped him to sign Fumble Fingers from Takin’ Root. Not only concerned about his team, but also of the audience Fumble Fingers wants to put on a show at any given time. Dodging through tackle zones, picking up the ball, and throwing it all the way down the field to one of his receivers is every day business.



The obvious issue of this talented team is the trimmed down roster. Only fielding seven players, they are forced to pick up random fans before every game and send them to the pitch. You could also argue the not all seven players are ‘great’ Dancing Leaves, Sililith and Deepwood Oak are exceptional without a doubt, Fumble Fingers has the ability to do magical things and Himilar is always good for a plan B, but the other two are less than average. That leaves only five players at pro-level. As much as they want to claim the title this season, it is important to stay healthy. It could be a strategy to avoid playing in the finals where the would run into Necro Feel-Ya, Leaping Lizard or Bill Cower Power Hour – not the best perspective when you want to stay health. The other strategy would be: Now or never – or to quote a legendary skaven coach: Yolo!


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