Just Score – Team Profile: Dream Wild

Dream Wild. A human team. Completely average, completely boring. “Dream who?” for those who never faced them. A dangerous adversary for those who did. In today’s issue of Just Score we take a deeper look in this seemingly boring team to see if those rookies to MML Pro are the new big thing or relegation fighters as their record in their inaugural season suggests!

Coach: triperis
trip for those tearing ears of people unable to Rs. An incredibly annoying chatterbox outside of training grounds picking fights with everybody who would respond. Often indulges in theory bowl and looks like has no idea what he is talking about. At least from the first look. As the coach of White Owlz, the Season 5 champions of the MML, TheStu176 said in his interview after Season 6 game vs. Dream Wild he won 2-1: “I thought this is one of the coaches who talks big, but… This wasn’t easy at all.”

Ogre: Mitchel Platinum
triperis recruiting Mitchel told him he will be the star player of Dream Wild and brains on the pitch. Mitchel believed that. As it is, Mitchel exceeds at standing firm and guarding his team mates from harm. At other times, he just stands firm without guarding his team mates. Certainly not a trait of a star player. Just do not tell him how many ogres died in Dream Wild‘s history.

Blitzers: Rein & Hildred Smutzers
Survivors from the first days of Dream Wild, these blitzers do the dirty work for the Dream Wild. They hunt skinks, they guard their team mates, they punch hard. In their combined 70 games they managed just 1 touchdown. They are not stars and they know it. Their brother Matthias was already fired for letting his armor to be pierced by stinking elves. Smutzers just know, they are average and have to fight each and every day on the pitch for survival.

Blitzer: Aaron Ramshagey
Whereas Smutzers are the working horses, Aaron is nothing but. He is strong, he is agile, people are already comparing him to legendary Griff Oberwald. With 4 touchdowns in just 6 games he is a starlet triperis scouted for Dream Wild for Season 7 of MML Pro to carry the team to greatness.

Thrower: Hans Angurney
Hans is of quiet type. He knows he is not special, but he is working the hardest in training. His motto is “If you want me to throw, I will throw”. He has developed all the skills needed to become a perfect thrower. The thing is, he throws only in every 5 games. Rumors are triperis is just waiting for a perfect opportunity to fire him.

Thrower: Galahad Rolf
This young and coming thrower is the growing hope of Dream Wild. Fired from royke033 academy for not being a dorf, Galahad hit the gym to get in shape for potential transfers. Keen eye of triperis has spotted him and brought him in for future prospects. The thing with Galahad is while he is undeniably strong, he just does not know how to play Blood Bowl. Sure, he has sure hands from all his time being alone, but lack of basic blocking skills has haunted him throughout his Dream Wild career. Not trusted to touch the ball by triperis preferring weaker, but trustworthy Hans, he just knew he had to find a way to prove himself. And prove himself he did. In the game vs. White Owlz he made two impossible dodges to get in range with pompous and self confident dirt elf with the ball, smacked him down and grabbed the ball to be the glorious play in otherwise tense, but ultimately unlucky affair against the current champs. He was declared MVP for that game and reflecting on his deeds grasped the art of blocking to make him a much more serious proposition on the pitch.

Catcher: Lio Messy Jr.
His father used to play for dream wild but his days were not memorable in any way. However, Messy senior had the most dashing looks and was employed by triperis to be the chief team repopulator of Dream Wild. And he has sown his seed, and the genius Lio Messy Jr. was born. Fast, agile and most importantly, unselfish, he is always where his team needs him most.

Catcher: Lord Bender Jr.
Lord Bender senior used to play for Dream Wild, too. Seeing how Lio Messy Jr. became one of the most important players for Dream Wild, Lord bender senior tried to replicate his success by impregnating Mrs. Bender. Naturally, Lord Bender Jr. is younger than Messy Jr. is and it is early in his career to tell if he is a success story or a failure like his father was. If anything, he has injured more players than injuries sustained and that is always impressive for such a scrawny catcher.

Linemen: Harkot Voltz & Viscount Advar
triperis has only the highest praise for these guys. We all know linemen are not the excelling players but these two certainly are. They provide so much needed steel for the team. Rumors say Harkot has mastered a forbidden technique Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and can make clones of himself on the pitch, creating illusion Dream Wild has tackle everywhere. Where as Advar is master of Tombstone Piledriver, constantly putting down beastmen and chaos warriors to the ground. Rumor says his favorite movie is Zootopia.

Linemen: Bertolfs Hamlyn & Sigric
Brother from same mother, but different mothers, these guys are at odds with each other. Sigric is always winning and excels at kicking lying Hamlyn. Which is useful on the pitch sometimes. triperis sees little value in Hamlyn as rolling on the ground is not a skill he looks for. His saving grace is triperis loathes players allowing to be injured by stinky elves even more!

This concludes our look at Dream Wild. Is this a team soon to be seen in Challenge league? Or are they dark horses for Season 7 of MML? Stay tuned for our further coverage in Just Score, please like, share and subscribe if you want to see more stories following Dream Wild road to glory, or misery.


  1. Brilliant writeup Trip. Really liked it and have been calling for you to do it for ages. I like Viscount Advar the most, I must confess. Didn’t know he was skilled in the old piledriver. I just liked how he was so dependable in every game I have watched him play in. – I think he is the unsung hero of Dream Wild!

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