JUST SCORE Team Profile Karag Dron Krushers

Meanwhile deep under Karag Dron (Thunder Mountain) we join Krusher co-captains Cid Soilburner and Raille McWrath in the War Room…..

“What’s this?!?” Cid spat out the words as if he had just taken a sip of watered down ale. Looking over a letter embellished with the official wax stamp of the MML he grumbled “So we finally get out from under the clutches of the Goblin Gambling gits mucking things up in the league offices and are proclaimed “pro”, but I read here in tiny print that Pro coaches are not actually paid as professionals??? Then why are they called Pro?!?”. Scratching his brow Cid muttered “Well that’s an issue for the War Council to work out, it’s not our problem.”

Raille chuckles loudly and reaches over for a fresh flagon of ale. Quaffing the stout brew down in one loud “gulp” he leans over the table and looks right into Cid’s eyes. “Did you expect any different? This league is corrupt from top to bottom….but at least it is full of worthy opponents to do battle with”. Cid nods in agreement.

“Yes, tis true that the Challenge League is no joke and has prepared us quite well for the pro game.” Cid proclaimed. “There are also rumors that an infestation of Nurgle, calling itself the #4Horsemen, is filling up the void we left behind there….I can only imagine the smell that will be permeating the CL ranks next season….actually I would rather not even imagine it.”

Leaning over and viewing the letter clutched in Cid’s hand, Raille points a finger at more small print at the bottom of the parchment. “Well it appears that we are required to provide them gits with a profile of the team and it’s members. Hmmm seems like a sneaky git way of getting some inside information on how we do things around here….but the extra hype of being featured in Just Score may increase the Krush Pipeweed & Krushweiser sales a bit as well…..so there is that.”

#1 Cid Soilburner – Star Runner

Strong Arm, Block, Pass, Kickoff Return

Gets ball, Runs ball, Throws Ball.


#2 Raille McWrath – Emerging Star Runner

Block, Tackle, Leader

Finds Ball Carrier, Pops Ball Carrier.


#3 Ayeres the Axe – Star Blitzer

+MV, Mighty Blow, +AG, Tackle

Moves like an Elf, Hits like an Ogre.


#4 Rayche Warbleed – Emerging Star Blitzer

Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle

Hits like an angry Ogre.


#5 Hulf Redrage – Veteran Troll Slayer

Dodge, Mighty Blow

Director of Crowd Surfing activities.


#6 Falco Giantbane – Emerging Star Long Beard

Mighty Blow, Guard, Pile On

Hits em….then hits em again with his Belly Drop.


#7 Baltron Blackmace – Emerging Star Long Beard

Guard, Mighty Blow, Pile On

See Falco above.


#8 Krom Deepearth – Veteran Long Beard

Guard, Dodge, -AV

Keeps the Big Guys tied up.


#9 Hodar Grizzlebeard – Veteran Long Beard

Guard, +STR

Strong as a Black Orc.


#10 Grunmyr Coldsteel – Experienced Long Beard

Mighty Blow

Hits like a Troll.


#11 Dolmur Brighthelm – Rookie Long Beard



#12 Emren Battleforge – Rookie Long Beard




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