Just Score: The Last Ride of Don Jamaica

Flashing lights and a sudden crash left a smoking wreck and four police cars at the south gates of Slaughter House field. Don Jamaica, still dressed in a hospital gown, stagger from the wreckage in a daze, half from the booze and drugs and half from the air bags explosion in his face. As the police transcended upon the twisted vehicle Jamaica slides into a side entrance. Not much is known about what has transpired over the 72 hours for Don Jamaica. One thing was know is he was now in the place where he was safe. The thick walls and heavy gates of the Power Hours Slaughter House would protect him from the outsides world’s siege. He was now safe.

The crowd cheers filled the stadium and guided Don threw the maze of hallways till he found the epicenter of the joy noise. The green grass, players waiting. Just moments before kickoff. Everything was moving in slow motion. He directed the players into position and the kick hung in the air like a cloud. A beastman plucked it down with ease and scurried into a cage of teammates and the world the trouble of the outside world melted from Don Jamaica’s mind.

Then into this perfect dream and crushing orb of fire rained down. A fireball from the wizard sent to players to the ground. Beastman was hit by the attack and the shockwave flung Jamaica to the turf also. A discombobulated Don crawled to the edge of the field and looked up into the burnt clouds. His dream world had been scorched much like the center of the field. The slow motion world he was living in turned to a burry pace. Questionable calls and risky behavior followed for the first half.

Half time found a quiet locker room. The players sat in silence as Don Jamaica locked himself in his office to ingested a small arsenal of liquor and pills. Bill COWher came down from his owners box to question the coach. Finding the locked locked door Bill shouted thru the door, “What in gods name is going on? get out here and explain yourself!” Silence controlled the next minute as everyone waited for something to happen. But, nothing happened. Bill COWher reached again to try the door. It exploded open into his body with an unnatural force sending his massive body to the floor. Don Jamaica sprung from the office with a charged to the field in his hospital gown. The players unsure of what was going on followed the coach leaving a knocked out Bill COWher on the locker room floor.

The second half followed the same script as the first. Don Jamaica wildly commanded the players with no real strategy. So they found themselves down 2 scores and giving the ball again to the norse team. Until near the end of the second half Bill COWher appeared on the sidelines with a platoon of police. The outside world had come to Don Jamaica’s last haven. The game came to a close as the police placed the coach in chains as he screamed out for a beastman to foul a downed norse player. As the police removed the coach from the sidelines the beastman’s foot crushed down onto the norse player rendering him dead on impact. Bortbot quickly called for the teams APO. The APO looked toward the empty sideline where the chaos coach had stood all season to find nobody. He quickly revived the player, almost as if it was an easy task. The stadium slowly emptied leaving many things unknown. With failing to tie or win will the team once again be knocked out of the playoffs by the Wrecking Kru? What will happen with the coach? Is this the last we will see of the Power Hour?


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