Just Score: The Last Stand of the Thugz!

After 6 long seasons battling it out in both the CL and PROs of the MML, The Thugz of Wheldrake laced up the boots for one last tromp across the Astrogranite floor of the Black Stronghold.  Fans showed up early for the game knowing it would likely be there last.  A classic match up of the home town Chaos hosting the green skinned Armageddon Avengers Orcs.

A quick flip of the coin and the hitting commenced.  Thugz receiving the ball first made quick work with the hits and the ball.  Registering an injury with their first blitz and receiving a free ball in hand from a kick that carried out of bounds with the slight breeze that blew thru the stadium.  Avengers unafraid of a fight dusted themselves off and got right back into the Thugz faces.

After a few rounds of exchanging blocks the Thugs maneuvered the ball to the left sideline where Clay Smashews dislodged the ball and the orcs moved in quick to collect.  Brutesinew Dal’  Shin angered by the loss of possession, quickly turned the momentum back in the Thugs favor with a might blow attack the injured Smsh’Spleen so viciously that APO was only able to a cure him with a groin strain(Strange but approved APO tactic.)   Ball knocked back to the ground the teams continued the at midfield.

In the scrum the ball was bobbled out of bounds and the fans quickly launched it to the center of the pitch. The orcs made a play for the ball.  But, only managed to find their way onto the sun baked Astro turf, with  slip and fall.  Not wanting them to be lonely the Thugz followed suit placing one of their players on the sunny Astrogranite.  Break time being over the Thugz popped back into action by picking the ball up and passing it forward and into range for an easy T8 TD.  The Orcs responded with a few quick hits and a nice pass and then it was into the locker rooms for halftime. Thugz 1 – Avengers 0 It’s Blood BOWL *insert the day* TM HairyWarthog

Orcs received in the second half and went to work quickly with 3 successful blocks on the Thugz.  One of them lead to a KO.  The Thugz of Wheldrake then formed a line of defence.  Shoulder to shoulder, Arm to Arm to Extra Arm.  The team stood stoically and waited for the Orcs to make a move.  Two Orcs charge forward  to make contact with the Thugs left flank.  The Thugz tossed two blocks and downed the Orcs and blitz another that moved forward on the left.  The crowd now started to build into more of a frenzy now knowing the Thugz have drawn a line on the Astrogranite and any Orc that approached it was going to get a fist full of claw to the face.  This was the last stand of the Thugz.  One last fight, They would not bend or break.

The Black Stronghold then erupts as the Armageddon Avengers abandon their cage and answer the challenge of the Thugz.  Both teams face to face fighting over an invisible line on the pitch.  The orcs knock a beastman to the ground near the center of the line.  Baseball Fury looks back quickly as one of his tentacles help up his teammate.  In a blur of action the left side of the line becomes a beehive of activity.  Orcs hit the turf and Sloukly Mantle appears out the other side of the Orc line with the ball securely held in his 4 arms.  He has one head looking at the end zone and the other watching his back.

But, 2 heads wasn’t enough.  The Orcs rebounded with an assault on the ball.  Sloukly was double teamed and taken to the ground.  McMasters was injured in the attack but the skillful APO was able to heal him full. 😉  Slouky then jumped to his feet with a horned attack that downed the orc and freed the ball again.  Frizny Beard was in the area.  He quickly grabbed the ball and made a dash toward the right corner of the endzone.  Almost slipping on the turf he decided to not push his luck any further.  It was at this moment that Aos Aqhyah Ugu’y drove his claws into Galsh killing him instantly.

The Orcs made one last rush at the ball but could not stop the Thugz from scoring.
The fans rioted in celebration in such a wild and crazy manner that ref shortened the game a turn for safety reasons.  The game ended in a 2-0 Win for the Thugz.  I sat quietly as a watched the happy crowd slowly file out of the Black Stronghold.  Once things had calmed down, I went out to mid field to inspect the area the Thugz had protected so adamantly.  As I approached that invisible line out of nowhere Wirey Pelt (One of the longer tenured players on the Thugz stopped me.  He didn’t say a word.

So I spoke, “Why did you guys form that line?”

The Beastman turned and pointed behind him.

I understood…It was the logo.  It was the Thugz of Wheldrake logo they protected.  One of the long storied franchises of the MML made they last action one of great pride.  They protected the logo that brought them all together so long ago.
Thank You, Thugz of Wheldrake for all the great game over these 6 seasons.


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