JUST SCORE – The Witch’s Coven – Season So Far

“The witches scrying had suggested this would be a season of great trials and death…lots of death.”

Coach Gerdleah was pulled out of his reverie by the reporter sitting on the opposite side of his desk. Her earlier questions had him thinking of the previous pre-season, and Siren and Vixen’s ominous words that fateful night.  “I wonder if Vixen knew her time in this life was about to come to an abrupt end?”

Reporter “Coach, I was asking you about your thoughts on the season so far, but you are referring to the death of Vixen in the 1st game of last season?”

Gerdleah “Yes, I was thinking of the players that were lost to us during the course of last season. We had a squad of 13, that was cut down to 9 by the end of the season. Vixen was the biggest loss to the squad, the fans, to me”.

Reporter “After that poor start to the season, winning the famous McMurty’s Bowl must have been very satisfying?”

Gerdleah “Yes the team rallied brilliantly. Winning 4 of the last 5 games including beating the Pierats in over time. That was a really tense game. The snow and cold created big problems for both teams. In the final turn, for both teams, you could see that an icy layer had developed on the ball causing both teams to drop simple catches with a touchdown beckoning. Credit to Whiskey Tornado and his team for an excellent match.” The McMurty’s bowl was on display in the corner of the office. It actually appeared to have mustard and ketchup stains within the gold trophy.

Reporter “Guyliner has slotted into the team well, don’t you think? 3 touchdowns already.”

Gerdleah “Yes, Guyliner is a strong and enthusiastic young blitzer who has been purchased. Coach Rez put me in touch with an amateur team where Guyliner was playing. He has started well and has great potential. So long as he doesn’t keep getting injured.”

Reporter “Is it true that Coach Reznorrulesyou (Stop Rolling Ones!!”) has asked for you to pass on news of any wood elf players of great potential? What about the rumours that he is under investigation for taking back handers in all these transfer dealings that he has been involved in with other teams within the league?”

Gerdleah ” Rez is an upstanding coach. I think he has earned enough in new contracts for coaching The Mummy Factory and his new deal with Stop Rolling Ones, to be involved in anything as underhanded as that”.

Reporter “But he has been seen….”

Gerdleah, stands up abruptly, towering over the reporter, causing her to spill out the contents of her folder over the floor. The Cabal sphere recording the interview, went spinning across the floor. Also, photos of Rez buying a gold plated steam tank and gyrocopter fell onto the floor. “I thought you were here to talk about The Coven? Get to it or leave!”

After composing herself and picking up the photos, the reporter  picked up the Cabal sphere to ensure the live interview could continue.

Reporter “So 11 points from your first 5 games leaves you top of the conference and in a strong position.”

Gerdleah “Yes, things have gone well. If the Grimbeards hadn’t  sneaked so many fans into our stadium 2 weeks ago, we may have already qualified. All that can change though. We have more Dwarves to play this week before facing The White Owls.”

Reporter “Riddar has become the fan favourite, emerging as top scorer for The Coven again. His performance against Slaan Seers in particular gained plaudits from all the assembled press.”

Gerdleah “Yes, Riddar has continued to develop, and no doubt, he got us a point from that game and almost an impossible win. His strong all round game makes him dangerous both in offence and defence.”

Reporter “To wrap up, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?”

Gerdleah looks direcetly at the Cabal sphere “Thank you. With your support we have become a stronger team. We have built up the stadium and improved our facilities, all thanks to you. For that we built the Beer Stand, for you the fans. We are delighted you chose to name our new ale Vixen Juice, in honour of our lost witch”.

Reporter “Thank you for your time Coach Gerdleah. Until next time viewers, stay tuned to Just Score”.

Post broadcast announcement “Just Score would like to apologise to all viewers who suffered from vertigo or nausea as a result of the temporary spinning of our recording sphere”



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