Kaijus dont destroy. We can leap too!!!

Since 1954, When the first Kaiju movie came out called Godzilla. it was a success around the world. over the years though, people only associate with these beasts as engines of destruction rampaging throughout the cities and having tectonic battles. Now is the time to change the tune as these Kaijus are coming onto the Blood bowl pitch not by destruction but by their ferocious speed and graceful leaps. with Godzilla leading the charge. other teams better watch out as these Kaijus mean business.

With Coach Teddytom leading the Helm of these beasts. will they be able to claim the top spot in this World Cup qualifier or will they crash and burn and return back to their rampaging ways? stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out the answer as well as how the team performs. will past rivalries be put aside for the greater good or are some grudges to great to bury. one thing is for certain

Go Kaijus!!!!!!!!

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