Karak Kadrin Slayers – S27 / MD3

I wake this morning, my head sore from the ale.   For we drank hard last night.   my slayers in a somber mood as always for they did not meet their Doom.   Well at least not all.   for last night we rejoiced that one of the Doomseeker’s  found his death and will now dine with Grimnar knowing his honour is restored.

It was a tough match against the filthy rats,  they used a number of underhanded tricks and wrong doings as with out this they could not stand up to the might of my Slayers. Trip wires on the field of play to grease on the ball.   But rest assured these Karak Kadrin Slayers have added anther to their tally and achieved the Rank of Skaven Slayers.

Next week, I take them to the Moot and we hunt trees and Halflings.


Death Count

1 x Snotling

1 x Skaven Lineman

Those that have found Death

Doomseeker Valro

Those who failed to find their Doom

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