Karak Kadrin Slayers S27 – MD4

Following the 3-0 success at the Moot, well I secretly see it a success, the Slayers didnt find their doom, they see it otherwise.   They did how even slayer the might Halfling legend Puggy Baconbreath and a Treeman.   rumour has it that Puggys very own Apothecary saved him in post match surgery and the Treeman has a wood surgeon standing by, but that is neither here nor there, they died on the field and im not taking that away from the Slayers.

so next up we play Broken things in a Lizardman side,  these will prove our toughest test.   These guys are traditionally strong and tough.  But I have faith in my…



Death Count

1 x Snotling

1 x Skaven Lineman

1 x Treeman

Puggy Baconbreath

Those that have found Death

Doomseeker Valro

Those who failed to find their Doom

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