Kardels coming for ya!

Nooooooooo why now! Hectoooor!

Kardel awoke with a jolt, the reoccurring nightmare bounced around his head, losing his mentor and hero still haunted him, but it had lit a fire that raged in his soul


Hector was like a father to Kardel he brought him up through the academy and had even stepped aside and brokered the deal for the first Rotter pro contract in MML history. For Hector to be take out in such fashion…in a post season friendly never sat well with Kardel.

He knew the people responsible, now with the backing of the Abominations hefty treasury and afew brown envelopes to the right people, this season should see one of those brought to justice, on or off the field!

The flee bitten vermin that is RANs head coach started all this! Poor Hector was never quite the same after he instructed a frenzied Rat Ogre to blindsided him into the crowd and Hector recieved that niggle. But now this season they would meet in serious competition and Kardel wants blood. So deep is the fury it’s there for all to see. The vicious rampage of horns and the bellowing howl that is Kardels war cry! those poor Norse didn’t know what hit them as one by one they were carried from the field on their shields.

‘ It’s just a warm-up’ Kardel snarled at the fans as the team exited for the changing rooms.

Inside the locker room he was no longer Kardel the Disorientated, he was

Kardel the DESTROYER!


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