Key to a Deep Ones Victory a Matter of Depth?

Innsmouth, MA 3/7/2016 – There has been much shock throughout the tiny community of Innsmouth after the sudden retirement of long time Chaos Warrior Stareclasp Crushspider, following a serious concussion he sustained during their week 7 matchup with the Seathiel Treehawks. At a press conference held sunday he stepped down from the Deep Ones and parted with a few words of encouragement for his team and all their fans, “Fhtagn chetenff ep ‘fhalma fm’latgh mnahn hrii, eee nnn-shag.” Very moving and powerful stuff, from a powerful man.

When pressed for comment, Marwin Atwood owner of the Innsmouth Deep Ones said, “Its unfortunate that this happened going into what is essentially the biggest game of the year*, but we support Stareclasp’s decision and he will always be remembered for being a great Deep One. There will be a coaching position open for him if he ever wanted to return to the team.”

Stareclasp’s retirement left a bit of a hole in the trenches of the Deep Ones, a front line that will have its hands full for the lizardmen. Marwin and coach Whiskey_Tornado wasted no time in getting some reinforcements and hammered out a contract with big time free agent Tshothagg Yo-dda. Yo-dda was a standout in his college years at Miskatonic University where he set a school record for kills, dismemberments and hurt feelings. If its the answer the Deep Ones are looking for is to be seen.

*The Game Marwin speaks of is the week 8 match up of 2 unbeatens, #2 Innsmouth Deep Ones vs #3 The Cold Hard Truth