Khorne Flakes suffer additional defeat off the pitch! Bloodthirster sighting rumoured!

After losing at home against the Bill COWher Power Hour a couple days ago, further calamity appears to have befallen the Khorne Flakes as it is rumoured that a Bloodthirster, a greater daemon of Khorne himself has savaged the team during a training session. Our source, a rather bedraggled looking Goblin claims the daemon had torn wings, though considering the common disposition of Goblins this piece of information has been written off as exaggeration. Regardless of this our scouts have been able to confirm that only one of the Belfry Gargoyles, the lineman division of the team, appeared to come out of the ordeal unharmed, unlike his compatriots within the team.

Upon questioning the lowly peasant, who seemed to possess far more confidence that one of his station (and intelligence) should, he claimed that the greater daemon attacked the team in a fury, angrily hacking at the team while shouting about the embarrassment they had brought upon Khorne himself by playing in his name. The lineman then claimed that he was spared for punching out the Troll of the Green Tide Titans two matches prior but this reporter believes that he simply cowered in the changing room like the peasant he is.

The only other player that we were able to find in a less mutilated state and thus able to provide us an interview was Gravelord Nito, the big hitter of the team. In the rather short meeting before he was carried off to finally see the apothecary it was confirmed that the team was brutalised by a small group of Bloodletters, not a Bloodthirster as our initial source had claimed. Thankfully we believe that Nito’s career is far from over and he will bounce back from this incident.

Our final attempted interview was with the team coach who had the good fortune to be called away by one of his assistants to deal with some logistical issues elsewhere in the stadium. Unfortunately he did not want to comment on the event and appeared to be very indifferent about the entire thing. One assistant did dare to mention that logistical issues involved the coach moonlighting as a Coach for another Brettonian team called The Bell Keepers and that he was planning to abandon the Khorne Flakes to bring them to the pro level instead. As shown by the recent announcement of the conference lists for the 3rd MML season it appears that this is in fact the case.

All we can recommend to our readers is that they keep an eye out for this new team in the coming weeks once the new season gets under way and to wish what pieces remain of the Khorne Flakes recover soon and that those no longer with us get a cleaner spot on Khorne’s throne of skulls.