King’s season on a Knife Edge

Reports have come out of The Pumpkin Kings HQ  that coach DwarfGiant is feeling the pressure. What promised to be a strong season for the fancied Orc team has turned in to a debacle.

Currently sitting on a single point level with The Lord of The Skinks, who still have a game in hand, at the bottom of their playpool, relegation is a real threat.

They still have to face last seasons 1 and 2 ranked teams, and need to win at least one.

Press have been wondering what has gone wrong. There have been mutterings that several players have been troubled by stomach problems – a bold claim given the constitution of an Orc’s stomach. However several players have been heard to talk about ‘funny’ meat they’ve had to eat.

When asked about the situation at the Pumpkin Pitch Dwarf Giant remained positive. ‘Yes it’s been a bad season, there’s no doubt about it. Players haven’t been hitting as hard as they should, Fist Rockbone hasn’t been able to perfect the art of Goblin tossing yet and things just haven’t gone right. We’ve made post season 3 out of the last 6 seasons and I aim to make it there again next season.
I still have a contract for at least two more seasons so hopefully we can win something in that time.’

The journalist who asked the question followed up with ‘Win what? A wooden Spoon?’ has not been seen since.

On an entirely different subject Coach Dwarf Giant later revealed he would be changing the dietary plan for his team to improve things off and on the pitch. Apparently he claimed this as newsworthy?

Wherever The Kings end up playing next season, whether it be in the Pro’s or not, DwarfGiant is positive there will be a vast improvement.

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