Knob Creek Learns of Life and Death

After many season something unexpected happen to Knob Creek.  He killed a player in the pros.  It had been so long since something like this had happened.  The player that was killed was named Gaussovir.  Knob Creek tends to be without emotions and voice.  He wished for a song to be played for the memory of Gaussovir.

Gaussovir was the to longest tenured player on Stop Rolling Ones.  He had served his team for over 50 games.  He was a brave player that faced down the leagues biggest and baddest players.  For every star player in this league there are 10s Gaussovir’s holding the line and making it possible for stars to do the magic they do.  Gaussovirs team fought bravely in memory of his death and beat the Power Hour 2-1.  He will be missed and we send our sympathies to Stop Rolling Ones and their fans in this difficult time.

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