League Hires Attorney for Commentary

LEAGUE OFFICE – Monday, in a closed session, the League announced the results of an internal inquiry into the Rules & Regulations of the MML. The inquiry was prompted by recent debate of the wording of a particular subset of the R&R of the League. As a result, the League contacted famed attorney, who is no stranger to the League, Johnnie CochRAM to review the Leagues extensive ruleset and offer commentary and insight. The following is a snip-it of the official report:

Pursuant to section 2 of the MML Rules & Regulations (herein R&R), the following is noted:

  • Findings:
    • Section 2 is explicit in its language that cheating, duping or otherwise finding a loophole (circumventing) the R&R will result in League action against the perpetrating party such that may result in suspension and or release from the League.
  • Commentary / Recommendation(s):
    • The language is plain enough to address any such violation and/or infraction of the R&R and still give the League enough room to interpret an adequate punishment.

League officials seemed pleased with this finding stating, “We felt that this would be a pretty easily defined segment…it really allows us the freedom to customize the punishment, should it come to that, to the full extent of the law.”

Mr. CochRAM next focused on the section that seemed to bring about the most controversy. There was some debate as to the legality and vagueness of the wording of section 2.1 that deals will concession. Many found grounds to argue on both sides of the section, with a few demanding a ruling by the League itself.

Pursuant to section 2.1 of the R&R, the following is noted:

  • Findings:
    • Section 2.1 is also explicit in its language. Concession is not allowed in the MML without the express consent of the League.
  • Commentary / Recommendation(s):
    • While the section is clear and concise, the reading of it may need to be organized to better convey the message in to non-“legalese”.
    • The second sentence of the section notes that concession is “not in the spirit of the of the MML nor of good sportsmanship.” This expands on the ruling in the first part of 2.1 that concessions are not allowed without express consent of the League.
    • Further text of 2.1 again reinforces the conceptual ideals behind the explicit prohibition in the first sentence of 2.1 and are not meant to provide a contrary ruling. Any inference thereof to mean anything counter is against the spirit of the rule and taken out of context.
    • It is obvious to counsel, albeit perhaps not to others, that the remaining commentary of 2.1 is meant to soften the language and provide explanation should inadvertent concession and/or mistakes take place (such that a game was conceded by mistake and need to be reset, or such that a coach had an emergency life issue come up during play and need to excuse them-self from the match promptly, etc. – in such cases, notifying the League of such action as appropriate and as stated in the text of 2.1).
    • Proposed revision:
      • 2.1 Conceding
        • 2.1.1 Concession
          • Coaches are not allowed to concede matches without the express consent of the League Office.
        • 2.1.2 Commentary
          • Conceding matches is not in the spirit of the MML nor of good sportsmanship. Regardless of circumstance player initiated concedes are frowned upon. Events transpire outside of and during game that may require a team to concede a match. If this is the case, all effort must be taken to notify the League office of the matter so that it can be recorded appropriately. Without notification, the League will consider a concede in poor taste.

“We always enjoy Mr. CochRAM’s work, and thank him for his service to the League,” said a League official. “We are pleased that he took the time to review this and we will take his comments into deep consideration.”

The League has drafted a set of by-laws, as well as called an official Board meeting – set to meet later this week – to discuss the findings and other League business. “We should have a solid understanding after that meeting,” said the League Commissioner. “That said, I don’t believe anything is broken that needs fixed…but we can always improve!”