Leaping Lizards – post game interview

Lustria, Silbigur – Transcript for 4-7-16 Press Conference

Doneagle : Welcome all, let’s have it. You there with the pointy hat.

PH: Coach, What happened?

Doneagle : We had a strict game plan but when the first injury happened, my saurus went into a blood craze and had no interest in the ball anymore. I had pressed them hard into gaining experience by blocking and suddenly all that training came to fruition. Looks like I pushed them a bit too hard. Every Block they were looking my way for approval and looked for their next victim instead of going for the ball. At one point Lizzie wanted to hand the ball to one of them but he just refused it, the only thing he wanted was to do more blocks. I can’t blame them, that’s what we trained the whole week. As a positive note they gained a lot of experience and now need to train further on handling the ball and protecting Skinks. Rest assured that by the end of the league the Saurus will be fine-tuned Blood Bowl machines.

PH: Isn’t blood craze a side affect of KGH (Kroxigor Growth Hormone)? Are your saurus taking this Hormone?

Doneagle : ( Smashes fist on table ) We are not doing any kind of drugs at the Leaping Lizard Team !!

PH: Not even EDH ( Elf Dodge Hormones )  on the skinks? Our Inside sources claim you are a big buyer.

Doneagle : Lies !! It’s training, all training !!

PH: Then there’s the accusation that you are doing false advertising to the fans? There’s very little leaping in a Leaping Lizards game.

Doneagle : Nothing in the rules states that the teamname needs to fit the actions on the field. And we are not the only ones, The Frozen Thrones are not frozen, Mauz has only rats on the team and the TMNL are no teenagers! I had about enough of all these accusations from you. You there with the blond wig.

BW : Are you gonna build a wall around Lustria? Should be a good idea! I can help.

Doneagle : What is this guy doing in this press conference, get him out of here!! Next.

Q: Any words for coach Thunden?

Doneagle : Who? ( Doneagle’s assistant whispers something in his ear ) Oh, yeah. Welcome to the Wasteland Athletic Conference. I wonder if he’s already having thoughts about moving back to his old conference. I warned him.

Q: Looking forward to next weeks game. Do you think your squad can handle the fast rats of coach Mgiteau?

Doneagle : Well we showed in our last encounter with Mgiteau that we can handle his coaching tactics. It is however another team we’re facing now and it looks very well equiped vs us. I can only say that this time we WILL go for the ball and try to find a balance between scoring and doing casualties. We have a perfect record vs skaven and want to keep it that way. Ok that’s all the time I have. See you next week!