Legend…wait for it…

“A little more to the right. The Kiosk needs to be perfectly positioned to satisfy the crowd.” Coach StuffnJunk directed the Linerats as they installed the Squig Sandwich Kiosk. His research showed that keeping the crowd fed would likely prevent them from throwing deadly rocks onto the pitch. It may even keep the Refs a bit safer.

Everything was shaping up nicely for the game against their #oneclan brethren the Skuttle Butts. The Kiosk was in place, the team roster was full, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Goblin Gambling seemed to be keeping their dirty hands out of the Ratlings’ affairs. Coach Stuff knew this was likely a calm before the storm and the anticipation of retaliation was starting to wear on his nerves. Only one task remained before the game, and it was one he dreaded: the pre-game speech.

Slinij gathered the Ratlings on the center of the pitch to await Coach StuffnJunk. He was taking his role as team captain quite seriously.

“As you know we are hosting the Skuttle Butts tomorrow. They are our Brothers. They will be treated with all the respect they are due: until the game begins.”

“Coach Spawn has been referred to as Legendary. He may be: but not tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow he is an opponent. Tomorrow our Brothers are our enemies. We can show them no mercy! We can show them no sympathy! Pull no punches! Hold nothing back, for they will not! We will not go out of our way to harm them, but we will ensure that we win! Too much is at stake. Arioch lost and the Necromantics tied this week, so playoffs are still in our reach! Lets show our fans, the MML, and Goblin Gambling that the Ratlings are a Force of Nature!”

The excited chittering and squeaks resounded through the Rats Nest as Coach Stuff walked back to his office, his head swimming with the excitement of the match and the paranoia of attack.

Repulsive Ratlings vs Skuttle Butts: Monday @ 1900 CST, Tuesday 0100 GMT.


  1. Nice story. I am actually starting to warm to the Repulsive Ratlings. I am obviously firmly a Legendary Spawn and the Skuttle Butts supporter. But, yes, it is a great story.. I am just hopeful, and believe, that he is legendary all the time, though….

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