Letters to Bruta 7-20-2016

Dearest Bruta,

The war has commenced and I quickly noticed that Nuffle has chose to back the order.  Many early skirmishes reek of Nuffles interloping.  We have suffered many early losses to the order forces.  We have seen 2 deaths on the battlefield for our side and inflicted 2 deaths upon them.  Deathbringer Stimee and his Dark Elf assassin platoon have gone missing.  Also, Deathbringer DaltMc and the rookie Skaven troops have been recalled to fight in the septic wars in their native lands.  Not having these Deathbringers will make the war effort more difficult for our cause.

The order forces foolishly mock our battle cry and praising of you #Bruta.  They have begun a childish #OrderUp chant.  They seem to be unaware that this will not please Nuffle or Sigmar.  They will soon find themselves alone in this fight with no higher power on their side.  The gods favor loyalty.  The gods favor devotion. The gods favor faith.  We proud 11 that fight in your honor show you that loyalty… that devotion… that faith.  We humbly wait for you to show us your blessings in battle.  Let, us punish the order for their unfaithfulness, dishonor and treachery.

I have made some rough tallies of the opening skirmishes and it would appear that we hold 2 victories to the orders 9.  These numbers may seem gloom, but with you on our side we know we are on the right side of this war.  The remaining 10 Deathbringers and I will defend your honor.  We did not take on this task thinking it would be simple.  We know that we need to depend on our training.  We must depend on our fellow Deathbringers. We must depend on you Bruta.

Sincerely yours,

Gen. More_Shots