Lift’n with Leeroy – Back & Leg Day. #KeepGoing

We’re back with another glimpse inside the Grunts workout facility deep in the bowls of the New Orcland Grunt clubhouse. Leeroy leads his teammates through yet another grueling and motivational workout.

I’ve been looking for you! Come on in, have a seat.

Made F’orc’n dinner for you, made F’orc’n friends with you.

PAIN! Is my F’orc’n friend!

I live for you F’orc’n pain, so I can kick your F’orc’n ass! YOU DON’T LIVE FOR ME! I’m live’n for you pain, bring your ass on over here. AHHHH! Let’s be friends, sit down, make yourself comfortable and STAY a F’orc’n while. I ain’t leaving!

[Leeroy walks over to Testorclese who is knocking out dead-lifts]


Power is just ooze’n from my F’orc’n pours! Get it Testie! AHHHH! Power’s just drip’n! DRIP’N! Drip’n with power!

You want to be a mere mortal? F’orc no! If you wanted to be a mere mortal you wouldn’t be here. Wouldn’t be here doing this shit. You’d be at home, on the couch, looking at TV with the rest of them fat F’orc’n troglodytes, talking shit.

[Leeroy looks over at Slim Pickens, who is doing squats]


This is a…this is a F’orc’n squat expert! We need to bow down to this troll. You in his realm now. Bow down to em. Talk shit now you McMurty sandwhich eating troglodytes, talk now. That’s how it’s done. That’s how you do it right there.

[Whaling slams the bar he was power-cleaning to the dirt]


Ohhh! Do that shit! Oh! F’orc me. Nothing sounds cleaner than a bar of weights being slapped together! Woo!!!

That’s the second time Jennings has ever done a power-clean. The second time ever! But he wasn’t scared like you Snap F’orcness troglodytes, of hurting himself. He said, F’orc that, I’mo do this shit….and stepped to the bar. Got more balls than you punks sitting on the couch talking shit will EVER have. Scared of your own F’orc’n shadow, talking shit.

[A large black orc walks over and swaps out on the dead-lift with Testorclese]


Uncle Jesse is here! Walked in off the street! This orc walked in off the F’orc’n street doing this shit! Don’t try this at home. You can’t do that shit. You will snap city, your little snap city bitch ass trying to do that shit at home.

We be working out over here in New Orcland.

It’s F’orc’n orcs up in here. You F’orc’n troglodytes are getting ready for the slaughter. It’s orcs over here.

Keep F’orc’n going!


  1. Haha. F’orc’n troglodyte. Go back to Planet F’orcness or Snap F’orcness or wherever you sit around on the couch eating brains, talking shit. Meanwhile, we training some F’orc’n orcs up in here. #KeepGoing

  2. Leeroy is intense, that is for sure. Keeps the boys in check, as well as strong. #LeeroyIsLegend #KeepGoing #KillBoxWin

  3. ‘troglodyte: trɒɡlədʌɪt/ noun: troglodyte; plural noun: troglodytes (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave. A person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.’ – Sounds about f’orc’n right! I agree with Sestonn! Leeroy for president! Also glad to see Jennings is doing some f’orc’n work. 😉

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