Lift’n with Leeroy – Cinco De Orco

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Every Fifth of May, the New Orcland Grunts had Leeroy give them a pep talk. It’s been a year since his passing, so the team got out the tape of last years speech and gathered around the big screen in the gym after breakfast, prior to the morning workout.

[Leeroy began in his usual fashion….yelling at the team]:

Cinco De Orco…the day that we celebrate the liberation of New Orcland from the indigenous heathens.

It’s been turned into a day where every race, fan and team shows up to their local pitch for 16 turns of f’orc’n crap, unlimited troglodyte whining and multiple salt sprinkled bad decisions.

Since Cinco De Orco falls on a Friday…which is Arm day…you’re f’orc’n ass better be in the Glorious House of Gains, doing the Grunt pump.

15-20 sets of bicep/tricep supersets!

Cause if you want some cheerleader to notice you, your guns better be huggin the f’orc’n sleeves!

And for one night, and one night only. We’re going to rename the Grunt pump, the Orcido pump to celebrate Cinco De F’orc’n Gains!

Because when your jacked and juicy the world notices. And when you and your crew walk into the local McMurty’s and your guns are busting the seems of your smedium Orcidas shirt your going to have the hotest barorcista all over you.

Now you can be the most interesting orc in the world!!!

F’orc Average!!!!

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