Lift’n with Leeroy. #KeepGoing

Leeroy has been hitting the gym, the pitch and the books harder than anyone this off season. He’s orc’d up and ready to rumble. The loudest, most flamboyant and passionate member of the team, Leeroy has become more than a voice in the Nation. He is the heart, sprinkled with a little bit of soul. The following is a transcript of the team work out session from this past week, lead by Leeroy.

[Leeroy drops the 60lbs dumbbell he was curling and walks over to spot Whaling on the bench]


What’s the secret? Here’s your F’orc’n secret is right here!

Hard ass work, that’s the F’orc’n secret!


F’orc mediocrity! I don’t want to be mediocre! F’orc being like everybody else! I don’t want to be like everybody else!

[Whaling Jennings pumps out 20 reps and racks the bar; 180 to go!]


Over-training? You over-training F’orcs make me sick! There ain’t no F’orc’n such thing as F’orc’n over-training. It’s a myth.

It’s made up by F’orcs who want to sit on the couch, look at F’orc’n TV eat’n McMurty’s with house slippers on and talk shit.

“Oh, i’m worried about over-training.”

You worried about F’orc’n work, that’s what you worried about.

No matter what…your nose bleeds, it’s that time of the month, the kids are crying, you don’t feel like it, your back hurts, you got aches and pains…you just keep F’orc’n going!

Let’s get it done.


  1. F’orc’n helmet wearing humans. That was a F’orc’n warm up set. They probably work out at Planet F’orcness or some crap like that. F’orc’n humans. – Leeroy

  2. Lol.. Nice. F’orc’n humies. Quite agree. 😉 Hope Leeroy gets some f’orc’n work out of Jennings soon. 😉 😀

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