Lift’n with Leeroy – Visitation. #GetUp

We caught up with Leeroy as he pays a visit to Longrod von Hugendong (Thee Grandiose Gladiators) after his recent injury. Leeroy had been running Longrod through many strength conditioning sessions; yielding a huge boost in Longrods strength. Longrod suffered a recent injury and is out for awhile nursing his wounds. 

As we approach the room we can hear Leeroy talking to Longrod…


Did I hurt your little sissy ass feelings, make you want to cry?

Don’t look for a pat on the back from me F’orc’n troglodyte, cause I don’t have one for you.

I don’t empathize with you one F’orc’n bit.

I don’t feel sorry for you.

If you can’t take it…get the F’orc on.

I don’t need you.

If you don’t like that…

Boo hoo F’orc’n troglodyte…boo F’orc’n hoo.

Go cry in your cornflakes. Eat another McMurty, undo your pants so your gut can fall out. Idiot.

Cry some more tears. Two tears in a F’orc’n bucket!

F’orc it. You don’t like me? I won’t lose no sleep over it.

You sensitive ass elven bitches.

[Leeroy reaches down and slaps Longrod across the face.]


You have NO excuses, so no matter what…the other elves are off prancing around, some need soap, some can’t play defense, others are too evil…wake the F’orc up!

There is one advantage. One advantage that is superior to winning.

It’s the advantage of not giving a F’orc.

Not giving a F’orc is a supreme advantage!

If you don’t F’orc’n care, you cannot be bought. You can be free. We not going to talk about your little boo boo, or your aching body.

I don’t give a rip what you think about your F’orc’n injury.

I may not be a big head F’orc’n troglodyte like Orcbert. I may not be a graduate…but I know that. I know you can not buy me.

[Leeroy turns and walks out of the room.]


See you at the gym tomorrow.

Get the F’orc up.


  1. If you’d ain’t the swolest F’Orc’n Orc on the planet then it’s not time to stop yet!!

  2. Lmao! Two tears in a F’orcin bucket! #i may use that one in real life in the future 😅

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