Lift’n with Leeroy – What is Getting Nuffled. #HeadFirst

We caught Leeroy after the team workout and asked him his thoughts on the notion of “Getting Nuffled.”

They sit there in their lay-z-boy, kicked back and look at your results or my results and decide that it’s bad luck. They come up with this term getting Nuffled.

Getting Nuffled is not a term for bad luck.

Let me tell you what the F’orc getting Nuffled is.

Getting Nuffled is your own scared ass limitation, that you’ve tried to put a term on.

It’s your own fear. It’s for the F’orc’n weak. It’s where you be getting Nuffled because you too scared of a result to actually get out there and do something except talk shit.

It’s your own limitation, that’s what you believe in. You walk a tight-rope. You might actually have to do something besides sit in your F’orc’n lay-z-boy sipping suds and talking shit. That’s what getting nuffled is F’orc’n troglodyte, you’re surrounded and encamped with fear.

It’s for the timid, for the F’orc’n weak that’s what getting Nuffled is.

It’s your own F’orc’n cage. You have imprisoned yourself in a cage of fear. That’s getting Nuffled!

You punk ass F’orc’n troglodytes sitting on the couch talking shit…getting Nuffled. You wouldn’t know a workout if it came up and slapped the taste out your mouth.

Getting Nuffled…getting Nuffled my F’orc’n ass.

I’m from New Orcland, the Nation you F’orc’n troglodytes!

The Nation is where the real orcs are from. The Nation is where I’m bound, cause I’m bound to F’orc’n perform. You ain’t never going to do anything.

[Leeroy looks at the ceiling as if to see what time it is by the position of the light fixture]



You worried about hurting yourself every time you perform. Go ahead and buff those finger-nails, make sure you don’t have a run in them panty-hose F’orc’n troglodyte.

Tell me about getting Nuffled…you troglodytes make me want to puke. Scared of work, just scared. Head First F’orc’n troglodytes.Getting Nuffled….anybody can talk shit.

Any side-line standing F’orc’n troglodyte like you can talk shit…

…but what are you going to do?

Get the F’orc up, get the F’orc out of my face and go do something.

F’orc getting Nuffled.



  1. I’m going with jest on this one, however it can seem like your getting muffled when your just getting outplayed.

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