Light at the end of the tunnel

It has not been a good day. If fact, it was a pretty bad day. Coach LouLiz is sitting at his desk, looking over the Harrelsons’ training ground. ‘Six’, he mumbles, ‘I have six players to work with’. Fumble Fingers is throwing passed with Himilar the Healer, Dancing Leaves is doing tackle-training with Clenched Ceeks, encouraging him to finally step up his game and Damerior Dashman is leaning against Deepwood Oak, bored as ever. ‘Dancing Leaves is a great player, but just can’t get the job done all by himself. I don’t know what to do. Sililith broke his leg and weill miss the beginning of the upcoming season for sure. Chenched Cheeks…I don’t know if we will ever see a good play by him..Don’t even want to think about him…’
Earlier that day he wrote a heartfelt letter to Rez, coach of veteran wood-elf team Stop Rolling Ones, asking him to take Deepwood Oak in for a little training Camp with Fluffy, who recently retired. With Deepwood Oak being the better player on paper, LouLiz is hoping for Fluffy to manage to get to Deepwood, so he manages to perform in cruicial situations.
Suddenly LouLiz notices the scent of cigar in the air. ‘Oh no, it’s Woody’ The Harrelsons owner hired him to win the championship he might get his resignation letter handed to him right now. Prepared to pack up his things, looking at his favourite shirt hanging at the wall, LouLiz gets up. The door bursts open, and Woody jumps into the room, cigar in hand, big smile on his face. ‘It is your lucky day my friend.’ LouLiz is absolutely confused. ‘Why would it be my lucky day? We lost against the Princes of Arioch, half our players died on the pitch during this season and some of our remaining players are below avarage.’
‘I have a little surprise for you and you are going to lik it, turn on your crystal ball’ Woody rubs his hands, cigar between his teeth and walks up to the desk. ‘Here is a little compilation of what he can do.’
LouLiz sits down and the clip starts. His eyes open wide, he remains speechless for the entire 15 minutes the clip is playeing, jaw dropped. ‘Who the f’orc is that?!’
To be continiued …

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  1. 177 SPP? Seriously? #shenanigans 😜 Can’t wait to see this beast on the pitch 👏👏👏

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